Malaysian elite clashes for 300k RM in the Battle of the Titans

General Sören “Fantasy44” V.

After several seperated Qualifiers and a lot of hype for "The Malaysian Heroes of Newerth National Championship" the moment of truth for the best Malaysian teams is finally here. They will clash for 300k Malaysian Ringgit in the Grand Final of the "Battle of the Titans".

While the International Client of Heroes of Newerth is getting ready for the third cycle of the Hon Tour festivities in all four divisions, the Malaysians are determining their National Champion. After eight online qualifiers and eight offline qualifiers a grand total of 16 teams have made it to the final round of the epic competition.

The spectacle started January 4th with the group stage. First Group A and B featured the fourth place finisher from DreamHack Winter 2012 - Orange eSports. Other notable names like NEO Ev0lutionz, McDonalD, Eclipse and Lon3ly Gaming were also presented on the first day of the event. In the end ORGE, MCD, LGMY and NE0 marched into the quarterfinals of the competition.

The second day was played on January, 5th with the remaining eight teams fighting for their chance to remain in the competition. DreamHack Summer 2012 participant MuFc eSports was in the mix for one of the two coveted spots in Group C, alongside No Kamlin, A Station and Gizmo Gaming. MuFc and No Kamlin kept their dream for the National Championship alive, as they advanced as the top two teams out of that group

Group D presented two known names as well with HonPortal.Malaysia and FantastIcBaby. Those teams had to compete with Club 119 and SeaParkNasiLemak for the last two spots in the Quarterfinals - with success. In the end FNTS secured the first place, while PORT came in second.

Malaysian HoN National Championship
Group A Group B
# Team Points # Team Points
1.Malaysia ORGE 3 1.Malaysia LGMY 3
2.Malaysia MCD 2 2.Malaysia NE0 2
3.Malaysia IDLE 1 3.Malaysia AUTO 1
4.Malaysia CYN 0 4.Malaysia E 0
Group C Group D
# Team Points # Team Points
1.Malaysia MuFC 3 1.Malaysia FNTS 3
2.Malaysia NK 2 2.Malaysia PORT 2
3.Malaysia GZM 1 3.Malaysia SPNL 1
4.Malaysia AS 0 4.Malaysia C119 0

The final day of the festivities - to be played tomorrow - will feature the epic conclusion and one of the eight remaining teams will be crowned the Malaysian Champion. To find the worthy winner, all eight teams will compete in a massive double elimination bracket.

The first matches will start at 11 AM local time in Malaysia (4 AM CET) with the four quarterfinals being played simultaneously. Orange eSports will square off against No Kalmin, McDonalD will go against MuFc eSports, Lon3ly Gaming will face HonPortal.Malaysia and NEO Ev0lutionz will have to fight against FantastIcBaby.

The official Grand Final is officially scheduled for 8 PM local Malaysian time (1 PM CET) with the last two standing battling it out for the Grand Prize of 300k Malaysian Ringgit (around $100,000 USD). The loser of the Grand Final will only get a total of 30k RM (~ $10,000 USD), while the third place finisher will still get 10k RM (~ $3000 USD).

The matches will be streamed by the on starting at 11 AM local time with the first Quarterfinal - most likely Orange eSporrts against their adversaries of No Kalmin. The full bracket of the Double Elimination playoff bracket can be found here!

Sören “Fantasy44” V.
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