Sansheng: 'Mistakes by opponents lead you to victory'

General Loh Zhun Yew “Cookies326”

Originally disappointing in the beginning of the group stages, TongFu shined during the tiebreaker matches, scoring 2-0 against MUFC and Vici Gaming. After a convincing victory over ForLove 2-0, Sgamer does a simple interview with their core member Sansheng,who performed extraordinarily during the mentioned match. He talked about the match and shared some news.

The roster that appeared in TI2 differs from the current over-achieving one we see today. With several roster changes, the team has shown improvement and are now advancing towards the semi-finals against LGD.

Here is a translation of the interview:

Editor's note: The following article is translated from its original Chinese version. Although the wording may differ from the original article, it is done to ensure better reading,thus the meaning has not changed.

Congratulations to TongFu for defeating ForLove in the quarter-finals, can Sansheng please talk about the match?

This morning we were discussing line-ups that would be suitable for us. After some research yesterday, we performed much much better. Also, the one mistake they made granted us the victory.

After the match, Haitao praised you and your team's performance, how do you feel about your performance?

Today's performance was,safe to say,a much better performance than the previous, yesterday our spirits were not that high. To be honest, Chen is a hero I don't use quite often, maybe our opponents were messed up.

In your Semi-finals, you will be up against, have you guys researched this team a lot?

This team has been training with us frequently, their play style and picking style are quite respectable. If they are playing with a pushing line-up, they would be playing a lot of unpopular heroes who really fit their play style. They love to play aggressive heroes because the westerns love to play fast pushing,and also their individual play are very strong, therefore, a strong opponent.

Recently, there have been rumors regarding you in weibo(chinese social website), can you clarify this?

To be honest, that's all fake, because there are no such things. These are all rumors, everyone has heard all these "things",but you shouldn't believe them.

If TongFu managed to beat and enter the G-League finals for the first time , I'm sure your sponsors would be happy to see that, what would you say to them?

Thank you for the fans and thank you to TongFU porridge and i-rocks who showed constant supports to us, we will perform spectacular in the competition!

For the original Chinese interview, head over to Sgamer