We Haz Asian disbands

General “Skim”
WhA with H4nni at WCG Germany, Cologne

The German team We Haz Asian disbands. After several roster changes they ultimately decide to disband, as they see no future together.

What looked to be a fairytale come true, turns out to be a nightmare for fans. We Haz Asian had an exciting run in the past months in which they qualified for THOR Open and even made it to Dreamhack Winter after a hick-up with sponsors. The fairytale ended when they got eliminated in the quarter finals and replaced three players weeks after.

Now manager Peter 'Pedda' Kolaska announces that the team disbands in a mutual decision and will drop out of all tournaments they are currently participating in.

Statement by pedda:

Today I have to announce that WhA will forfeit all currently running tournaments and step back from the competitive scene. After too many line-up changes and differences in the team, we decided to go seperate ways.

This team started playing with FATA-, unicornxoxo, hiphopNOTpop, Crydasia and RMC...after some lineup changes, ups and downs we achieved great things and won the Samsung European Encounter and also participated in the Dreamhack Winter 2012 and placed top 8! I don't regret any minute I invested in this team, because I know it was worth it! We had a great time in roughly six months and for me it was a real pleasure to manage this team.

I want to thank all our former players, friends, fans, readmore.de and joinDota for your great support... I won't forget what you guys did for us (Dreamhack!!!!). Everything is going to an end, so is We haz Asian!!!
I especially want to thank luq-, RMC and Crydasia, you were the BEST MATES I COULD'VE WISH FOR!!!

Former We Haz Asian roster:

Germany Philipp 'RMC' Pausewang
Germany David 'Crydasia' Landmesser
Germany Marcel 'Atze' Binz
Germany Max 'qojqva' Broecker
Germany Sven 'PimpALiCiouS' Schulze