Massive changes and announcements for CLG

Posted by Michale "DreXxiN" Lalor at 29 December 2012 02:03

It's not often that we get an explosion of exciting news for one team in a short burst of time, but Counter Logic Gaming definitely shocked the scene today.

With so much new in the news, it's hard to determine where to begin. First and foremost, Counter Logic Gaming says their farewells to the European subsidiary Counter Logic Gaming EU. The team is not without sponsor, and has monetary support even greater than CLG could provide. As a result, Counter Logic Gaming Prime will be simply renamed to Counter Logic Gaming.

Next up is the CLG Premier Series which is a tournament akin to the Solomid Series which we extensively covered. This tournament, however, will have a much shorter lifestime, spanning from January 21st through January 27th.

"As a reminder to everyone, a big part of why we're doing this is to try and bolster the strength of the NA scene. We are going to try and promote the ranked 5v5 premade ladder hard with this and use entry into this and future (hopefully) installments of the CPS to encourage people to use the 5v5 ladder more. The only problem with it right now is that queue times are ridiculous because PEOPLE DON'T USE IT."

These were the words of CLG Employee mostly commonly known as "Kelby". The focus is heavily set on keeping NA rivaled in terms of skill with other teams, and they've even made a trailer to hype the event.

Trailer for CLG Premier series

Equally exciting is an update on the official CLG Documentary. CLG has released a brand new one looking much more professional in terms of production value and quality.

Trailer for updated CLG Documentary

CLG Black will also be officially disbanded and once retired Link115 will be joining Counter Logic Gaming as a sub. Though his original plans were to quit professional gaming to fully dedicate his time studying at a prestigious university (UC Berkley, the same university that Chauster graduated from prior to committing to professional gaming), he will be instead pursue his gaming passions as an allegedly salaried member of CLG Prime.

Accompanying the departure of CLG Black, the mother of George 'HotshotGG' Georgalidas "RealmomGG" has resigned as CEO and Robert 'CyberBob' Del Papa has resigned as COO. 'Kelby' has been promoted to the General Manager and 'Garvey' has been brought onboard as the Director of Business Development.

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRx66FYa-45DrBBHLQb9w5Last but certainly not least, and perhaps most importantly, is the addition of longtime fan favorite and streaming celebrity Aphromoo. Aphromoo will not be playing as an AD, however, and will instead be devoted to supporting Doublelift in the bottom lane. Though known as one of the most dominant and highest potential AD's in the North American scene, Aphromoo finds himself at home in the support role as he suggests in the following quote:

“Time to get down to business; Being given the opportunity to play support for CLG makes me a little giddy because I will be able to play a role I am most comfortable in, coming from a healer for seven years in World of Warcraft. I will be putting in hard work to master support coming from playing AD carry so much, but with being under CLG I will have the proper tools necessary in order to become the best support in the world. I am happy!”

The definitive roster of Counter Logic Gaming's main lineup will be as follows:

Canada HotshotGG (Top)
United States Chauster (Jungle)
Canada Bigfatlp (AP)
United States Doublelift (AD)
United States Aphromoo (Support)

The Counter Logic Gaming EU roster will stay the same, but will be under a different banner. Stay tuned!

Source - Clgaming

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