Emaxx Overcame iZONE's Bristleback for SGNDT'12 Title

General Eric “reinnnn” Khor

In an interesting Grand Final, Pacific.Emaxx managed to overcome iZONE's Bristleback and take home the $18,650 cash prize

Grand Final
Philippines iZONEPhilippines Pacific.Emaxx
Bristleback Faerie Dragon Crystal Maiden Shadow Fiend Shadow DemonNaga Siren Dragon Knight Queen of Pain Twin Head Dragon Undying

Both the Pinoy teams went into the Grand Final game with a bang picking up two unorthodox and rather forgotten heroes. Pacific.Emaxx picked up Naga Siren which managed to skip the bans, while iZONE chose Bristleback.

The game started rather quiet and both carries were placed in the safe lane with two supports. First Blood was drawn as Faerie Dragon got too aggressive and was ensnared by Naga Siren.

Not many kills nor ganks happened throughout the laning phase but Emaxx was coming up slightly on top when it comes to farming and tower pushing. Emaxx overextension at 9 minutes game time turned out extremely horrible for them as Bristleback picked up an Ultra Kill and the tower. Bristleback only had Vanguard then and bought a Pipe of Insight by 17 minutes.

With that done, and iZONE's Shadow Field buying Lothar's Edge and Black King Bar, they opted for a push on the top lane while Emaxx tried to sneak kill Roshan. The push was almost successful with Dragon Knight's teleport being cancelled by Roshan's bash but they overextended and got wiped when DK arrived.

It was all downhill from there for iZONE as they lost another fight near Roshan and Emaxx, now with the Aegis of Immortal, took their time to gather up and pushed mid for the win.

Emaxx will be taking home the gold medal from SGNDT 2012 along with ~$18,650 cash prize while iZONE will be settling for second. Mineski will be getting their third prize for the second year running in SGNDT'12.

Gosugamers will be interviewing the winners of SGNDT shortly and will be uploading the replays of the tournament on our replay center here.

SGNDT 2012
1st Place : Philippines Emaxx - ~$18,650 USD
2nd Place : Philippines iZONE - ~$8,350 USD
3rd Place : Philippines Mineski - ~$5,400 USD
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