Second set of winners of the Polycount contest

General Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers
The first set of winners of the Polycount contest were announced yesterday by Valve and today here we have three more lucky Dota 2 custom item creators.

Showing their creativity on these awesome looking items proved to be enough to gain Valve's respect. Here are the three standout sets that have beaten very close competition to clench victory.

Crystal Maiden's SnowDrop Set

Naga's Exile Set

Beastmaster's Red Talon Set

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It is important to note, that Valve chose not more than one set for a hero. However, that does not mean that those who didn't win, will not make it into the client. Winning sets will be available coming next week, the rest is announced for January.

If you want to know what criteria were important, what common mistakes in most submissions where and why the following sets were chosen, read Valve's full blog.