neNo- leaves dd.Dota

General “Skim”
German player THEneNo- leaves dd.Dota, formerly known as MYM. This leaves the roster with 5 players again.

The Tough Bananas, Copenhagen Wolves, The Tough Bananas, MeetYourMakers and now dd.Dota. It's been a busy year for neNo-,and he has certainly been one of the stable members of the teams. Fans will be shocked to hear that he takes a leave from the team and possibly from competitive Dota entirely.

According to his twitter account, Angelo 'THEneNo-' Gonzalez leaves dd.Dota. He has stated that playing Dota has shifted his focus from his studies and he wishes to change that. Whether he'll still play competitively or not is yet unknown, but his departure from the team is certain.

Statement by Angelo 'THEneNo-' Gonzalez: on Twitter

Hey guys , i would like to thank my team for supporting me in that way they did , i learned much in even 1 week.

I had to invest much time in playing dota and couldnt really focus on study thats why i decided to leave DD.dota....thanks to @CalculuSDOTA @LINKLINKL1NK @RyzeDota @FollowSockshka fuckingmad ure awesome guys <3 and also thanks to a really really good manager the best ive ever met :) @DrunKinDOTA

While it is a loss for the team, they still remain as a five-man squad,and seeing as 7ckingMad was supposedly only a coach/analyst, he'll most likely step in to play full-time with the team again.

dd.Dota 2 roster:
Denmark Sylvester 'LINK' Hoelgaard
Denmark Alexander 'Calculus' Rathcke
Denmark Christoffer 'Ryze' Winther
France Sebastien '7ckingMad' Debs
France Titouan 'Sockshka' Merloz

Source: THEneNo-'s Twitter