Dynamic, AL cancel Cologne participation

General Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev
Fragster official Moritz Lindner tweeted that both North American teams will be skipping the upcoming IEM Cologne. Mousesports have been revealed as one of the replacements.

What should've been a diverse line-up in terms of regions representatives is now marching towards one very heavy on Europeans. After China/SEA qualifier winners TPA cancelled participation and got replaced by CLG.eu a few days ago, IEM Cologne sees more line-up changes.

This is, in fact, the third such switch up in the North American section. Mid November, Team Fear replaced CLG Prime, the latter of whom forfeited their spot. Later, on December 6th, it was announced that neither Fear nor the second qualifier winners Dignitas would be able to attend and their places were in turn taken by Dynamic and Absolute Legends.

According to Lindner's tweet, Mousesports will take one of the newly opened spots, putting the overall count of European teams at IEM Cologne to six. The second replacement (not yet announced) and the winner of the Korean qualifier should complete the line-up of teams before the tournament kicks off on December 14th.

IEM Cologne line-up 6/8

Europe Fnatic
Europe Team Alternate
Europe CLG Europe
Poland Meet Your Makers
Europe Eclypsia
Europe Mousesports