We Haz Asian replaces 3 players

General Sovann “Skim” Kim
We Haz Asian keeps the Asian part, but parts ways with the Danish boys. unicornxoxo, hiphopNOTpop and Cr1t leave the team. They will be replaced by Atze, qojqva and PimpALiCiouS, making it an all German team.

The fairytale comes to an end. Just a few weeks ago, We Haz Asian was close to getting sponsored, made the trip to Dreamhack and prevailed in the group stage. Now they part ways with the three Danish players in the team.

Former MYM players Atze and qojqva will join the team along with PimpALiCiouS, making it a full German team.

Statement by pedda, We Haz Asian's manager:

Hi community, We haz Asian friends and fans! I think everyone of you is asking yourself right now "WHY?". The reason for this huge change is comparable to a chain-reaction.

It all began with hiphopNOTpop leaving us due to different future goals. After him leaving, unicornxoxo said he would need some weeks to think about everything and if he would rather like to take a break from DotA2. This happened to us when we had a lot of important games to play, which didn't make the situation any easier for us. We played with stand-ins such as qojqva, Atze and PimpALiCiouS. and it worked out quite well.

Then we decided to also part away with Cr1t- and reform the team with three German players. I'm quite confident that we will do really good in the future! Shoutout to neNo, dd.Dota, nth, luq, michA, helge, to all our friends, fans and follower and especially readmore.de!

New We Haz Asian roster:

Germany Philipp 'RMC' Pausewang
Germany David 'Crydasia' Landmesser
Germany Marcel 'Atze' Binz
Germany Max 'qojqva' Broecker
Germany Sven 'PimpALiCiouS' Schulze
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