LGD.int is the winner of GEST: The Challenge

General Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers
After 2 days of intense games, the tournament is finally over. It took 2 days instead of initially planned 3-day schedule, so the teams had to show some stamina to play for about 12 hours straight.

GEST: The challenge took place on 5-6, December. The format was Double elimination with best-of-three series, while the Grand Finals was Bo5 with 1 game winner bracket advantage. All games were casted by LD and co-commentated by Bulba, EternalEnvy and Luminous. Here is the list of those who participated:

Malaysia Orange Esports
-Malaysia Ice
-Malaysia Xtinct
-Malaysia Yamateh
-Malaysia KyXy
-Singapore iceiceice

Malaysia MUFC
-Malaysia Sharky
-Malaysia Net
-Malaysia Ling
-Malaysia Ohaiyo
-Singapore xFreedom

China LGD Gaming China
-China xiao8
-China Yao
-China Sylar
-China SC
-Macau DDC

Europe LGD Gaming International
-Denmark MiSeRy
-Sweden Pajkatt
-Russia God
-United States Brax
-Canada 1437

There were some great games with huge turnarounds, so it was definately worth a watch. The grandfinal was like "a family fight": LDG.int met LGD.cn. The latter came out of the losers bracket so they had a 1 game disadvantage.

After quite an easy win for the international squad in the first game, many would think that it is already decided. But don't you ever try to underestimate Chinese - they made it even at 2-2 and we had to see the match point game. LGD.int won that 5th game in a quite stylish (we can say that they have their own style now) manner, impressing a lot of people and taking the $1500 prize.

Source: DotaTalk
VoDs: LD's Youtube channel