Team qojqva gets the last slot for Thor Open

General Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers

Team qojqva secure the visa for offline finals, as they beat 3DMAX in a close final game.

On their road to victory qojqva have beaten many well known teams such as Team Infused and finally 3DMAX. The team has applied for qualifiers under name qojqva, but it is unsure whether they they will go to Sweden under that name. The roster that played in the finals was qojqva, Pimpalicious, Blister, Nutty and SingSing. This concludes the list of teams which will attend offline finals in Kistamässan, Sweden on December 8 and 9. The prize pool will be approximately $19.000 distributed like this:

1. ~$14.500
2. ~$3.000
3. ~$1.500

*UPDATE: As reports, won't be attending offline finals due to passport/visa issues. The replacement team will be 4FC.

List of participating teams:
Germany We haz Asian
Sweden No Tidehunter
United States ROOT gaming
Denmark Meet Your Makers
Sweden 4FC
Sweden Pulse E-sports
Europe Fnatic.EU
Germany qojqva