StarLadder Season 4 details announced

General Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers
StarLadder will return once more this year with another prestigious lineup and announcing once again new teams participating in the main round.

This Tuesday, 13 November, StarLadder returns for its fourth season. The online part with 16 teams and 120 matches will last until 11 December. Christmas will be early this year, as the LAN finals will be held from 20 to 23 December.

Significant changes have been made to the prizepool distribution this time around. While the pool remains at $15,000, now only the top four will be awarded with money. At the same time it's just four teams being invited to the LAN final with double elimination brackets. All games in the Cybersports Arena in Kiev will be best-of-threes, except for the final which is best-of-five.

Prize Pool:
1. $8,000
2. $4,000
3. $2,000
4. $1,000

As already reported earlier, SLTV will host preliminary qualifiers to fill the gap left by EG and Quantic, who both lost their slot as they didn't attend the LAN finals. A best-of-one double elimination tournament will determine the two teams to replace them. Participating teams are iCCup, No Tidehunter, mTw, We Haz Asian, Kaipi and possibly Shiba Gaming and Moscow Five, who have yet to be confirmed, as well as another team.

The two qualifier promotion teams are not the only new teams to be added to the StarSeries. The four top teams from last season's ProSeries are eligible to play in the last season of the year as well. evo, eL'Pride, Gamer University and FUBAR advance to the StarSeries.

On top of that, former Eclypsia and former Moscow Five squad will not be participating, but 3 core members of each team have formed a new team and are eligible to play as well, namely XX5 (former M5) and iLuminate (former Eclypsia).

Teams participating
Ukraine Natus Vincere
Germany Zero
Europe Absolute Legends
Russia Team Empire
Russia Virtus.Pro
Sweden evo
Russia eL'Pride
Denmark Gamer University
Sweden FUBAR
Sweden Pulse eSports
Germany MeetYourMakers
Ukraine iLuminate
Russia XX5
Europe FnaticRC
Europe Qualified Team 1
Europe Qualified Team 2

New Teams & Rosters

Ukraine iLuminate:
Ukraine Vitaliy 'Nexius' Boshko (C)
Ukraine Andrey 'Mag~' Chipenko
Ukraine Vitaliy 'Dubas' Luhtan
Ukraine Andrey 'ALWAYSWANNAFLY' Bondarenko
Russia Vadim 'BlooDAnGeL' Trushkin

Russia XX5:
Russia Igor 'Nexus' Lisakovsky (C)
Russia Ilya 'Stalianer' Drugov
Russia Vadim 'Sedoy' Musorin
Russia Khaled 'sQreen' El-Khabbash
Belarus Kirill 'Sun|1ight' Kachinsky

Denmark Gamer University:
Denmark Per 'Hyac' Schmidt (C)
Denmark Theis 'Vuuv' Lauesen
Denmark Mikki 'Hestejoe-Rotten' Junget
Denmark Mathias 'HawaiiOo' Lysgaard
Denmark Danny 'DJ.Noia' Junget

Russia eL'Pride:
Russia Alexander 'Stalk' Melder (C)
Russia Igor 'Tony Montana' Popov
Russia Leonard 'Massacre' Urih
Russia Andrew 'androidP' Pishchikov
Russia Eugen 'XaKoH' Kochetkov

Sweden FUBAR:
Sweden Felix 'chewy' Ehrlund (C)
Sweden Björn 'QuiX-' Granström
Sweden Johannes 'Jojje' Mogren
Sweden Alex 'Etakaka' Lindström
Sweden Tom 'Zapcrash' Halvarsson

Sweden eVo:
Sweden Tobi 'GoAudio' Strand (C)
Sweden Gustav 'BlueberryNinja' Arnstedt
Sweden Marcus 'Werne' Werneskog
Germany Björn '13-_-' L
Germany Marius 'BLABLAFU' Brötz

Once again, TobiWan will provide English commentary, whereas v1lat, mtrx4u and Casper will provide Russian commentary for StarLadder StarSeries.

Source: StarLadder