ESWC group drawing finished

General Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers
ESWC has announced the groups for the Grand Final starting on saturday. They currently count with seven teams participating.

ESWC officials have published the group drawing of ESWC Dota 2 Grand Final. While Na'Vi is the definite favorite in group A, dignitas and most likely Shakira will battle it out in group B.

The organisation is currently counting with seven teams for the ESWC Grand Final. The number of French teams has now been increased to three, which includes Shakira and Imaginary, who currently fight in the final of ESWC for first place, and Casual Gaming, who claimed third place in the group phase of France's offline tournament this Thursday.

Algeria's BaraNeT team, which is rumored not to show up in Paris, is still in this group drawing, but being in the 4-team group would prevent a redrawing in case of a real no-show.

ESWC Grand Final Groups
Group AGroup B
Ukraine Na'Vi
France Imaginary
France Casual Gaming
Algeria BaraNeT
United States dignitas
France Shiba Gaming
Other Scuta Gaming

Games will start on Saturday, at 09:30 CET. The grand final is on Sunday morning.

Prizemoney ESWC Dota 2 2012:
1st: $12,000 USD
2nd: $8,000 USD
3rd: $5,000 USD

Update: Added French teams according to the ESWC France final results.

Source: ESWC