ESWC Dota 2 with only 5 teams

General Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers
Neither the East nor the West qualifier team will participate in ESWC Grand Final in Paris this week.

The tournament of the ESWC Grand Final in Dota 2 is down to just five teams. The tournament endowed with $25,000 prizemoney in total will give money to more than half of the participating teams. Originally, the tournament was planned to feature eight participating teams.

As not all of the 8 slots were licensed to national qualifiers, there were two international qualifiers open for all at the beginning of October. In the western region, it was team No Tidehunter winning the slot for the Grand Final in Paris over Evil Geniuses. In Asia, it was MUFC defeating Orange in the final of the open qualifier.

However, neither No Tidehunter nor MUFC will play in the tournament starting on Saturday, 3 November, finishing on Sunday, 4 November, with the grand final played on stage. The ambition to give let Black, part of NTH when the team qualified, take the slot over to Team Zero, the former mousesports, was also not successful. China, the nation which was excluded from the East qualifier because a national qualifier was originally planned, will also not be represented in Paris. Team Algeria qualifier, reported to be BaraNeT Gaming, is said not to show up in Paris on top of that.
This leaves the tournament with just five teams: The favorites for the final, Na'Vi and dignitas from Ukraine and United States and Kosovo, BaraNeT and Scuta, and the winner as well as the runner-up of Thursday's ESWC France final. France has recieved a second spot to make up for MUFC not being able to afford the trip to Paris.

Teams ESWC Dota 2 2012:
Ukraine Na'Vi
United States dignitas
France Shakira
France Imaginary
Other Scuta Gaming

Prizemoney ESWC Dota 2 2012:
1st: $12,000 USD
2nd: $8,000 USD
3rd: $5,000 USD

Update: ESWC France getting two slots and Algeria most likely not showing up added.

Source: ESWC, PaisY's twitter