Moscow 5 disbands

General Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers
The team of Moscow 5 disbands after less than two months. According to the M5 statement, the team spirit was gone after SLTV finals in Kiev. According to BullsEye, the disband wasn't really necessary.

It all began so promising. The first Moscow 5 team after The International started the StarLadder season with a 8-0 headstart. In the end, the team of Nexus and his colleagues still managed to grab second position in the main round. In the playoffs however, a top 4 position was missed.

According to a statement by Moscow 5 management, the players afterwards started to blame each other for this disappointing offline result. This behavior was rated by the management as inacceptable. As Moscow 5 has decided against switching individual players, the whole team will no longer play under the Moscow 5 banner.

BullsEye from the former M5 lineup states it a bit differently. According to him, it was a requirement by the management, that either the whole team sticks together or they will be removed. However, Stalianer didn't want to continue playing in this composition and thus the disband team was removed from M5.

M5 will thus not go to World Cyber Games in China and instead leave the spot to WCG Russia runner-up team Garaj Gaming. With only one month left until WCG, Visa issues might appear in this case though.

Statement by M5 management:

"When we were signing a contract with the current roster, we knew that we can ask for the results not before 3-4 months of work. In spite of this, the team made a great start and showed the potential. But there is always the inevitable fall after each rise that shows characters of every player and their ability to work their way out of the hard situation. It was the Starladder in our case where the team went without manager, where they faced the organization that changed the rules of the draw 10 minutes before the start and other problems which players couldn't deal with. Someone may say: every team was in the same conditions, but if you put Bear Grylls and a newbie, who just passed survival courses, into the jungle, they will be “in the same conditions” aswell. The team had been put into the jungle and was at a loss.
After the return from Kiev there were 2 ways: players find the strength to go further doing everything they can so this fiasco won't happen again, or they sprinkle ashes and blame each other. Unfortunately, the latter happened. We tried to talk to players to find any ways to keep the team, but it would've been successful only if they wanted to play together, but some players just didn't want it. We could make some roster changes, but it would be useless, so we didn't even try this. We don't want to make M5 a courtyard.

So, the current M5.Dota roster is disbanded. We already informed WCG Russia organization about our inability to visit grandfinals in China. Taking in account that we received the list of documents needed for Chinese visa just yesterday, we can say that we have done everything so Garaj Gaming team could do preparations for the travel.

We want to thank everyone who supported the team for the last 1.5 months and to say sorry that it ended like that."

Statement by Aleksey 'BullsEye' Berezin:

"Ok guys, I know that you don't wash dirty linen in public, but in this situation I think that I would be right to clarify the whole thing. Mark (Marchello, the manager of M5) clearly told us 'ok guys, you are five players and if one leaves, the team disbands'. Stalianer flaty refused to play, Nexus said that he can't see any future for the team, so we (the other 3 players) had to agree. I sincerely don't know what made the guys do this step, there were no serious quarrels, swearing. Of course, we had some small disagreements, but it couldn't cost us the disband of the team and the loss of M5 tag. I am very sorry to leave you, it was a pleasure to play under your tag and feel your support!"

Former Moscow 5 roster:
Russia Igor 'Nexus' Lisakovskiy (C)
Russia Ilya 'STALIANER' Drugov
Russia Vadim 'Sedoy' Musorin
Russia Aleksey 'BullsEye' Berezin
Russia Andrey 'Dread' Golubev