Zero replaces Quantic in The Premier League

General Christoph “malnor” Helbig
Yet another standin team at The Premier League season 3: After Quantic's disband, Team Zero, also known as GD B-Team or the former mousesports team, fills the gap.

It's somewhat good times for the former mousesports team. After finishing in third place at the SLTV finals in Kiev last weekend under the tag of GD B-Team, and scoring a draw today in GosuLeague against Na'Vi, they now replace Quantic at The Premier League's season 3.

The disband of Quantic, which Korok some days ago confirmed by twittering: "We've separated from the Quantic organization. I'm not sure about the future but I'm working on a couple ideas." One thing about the future that is clear by now is that they lose the TPL spot and Premier League is giving it to Team Zero.

After Eclypsia replacing Shakira and Moscow 5 replacing CLG this is the third replacement in the 10-team lineup of TPL season 3. Zero will start with a 0-2 score as that was the score of Quantic until then.

Statement Alaan 'Bamboe' Faraj, Team Zero:

"We wanna thank TPL for this opportunity to be able to participate in their tournament, we hope we can give you good and entertaining games and will try our best to reach the top!"

Source: The Premier League
Christoph “malnor” Helbig
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