Monster Power damage nerfed

General Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev
It's nerf day tomorrow when the newest hotfixes arrive, bringing quite the reduction to bonus damage across all monster power levels.

The changes are for Inferno only and Normal to Hell MP levels will remain unaffected. The reduction - which is to bring in the intended damage scaling of monsters and monster abilities - is about 25% across the board, peaking at a drop from 371% to 250% at Monster Power 10.

MP1: 109.60% (down from 114%)
MP2: 120.12% (down from 130%)
MP3: 131.65% (down from 148%)
MP4: 144.29% (down from 169%)
MP5: 158.14% (down from 193%)
MP6: 173.32% (down from 220%)
MP7: 189.96% (down from 250%)
MP8: 208.20% (down from 285%)
MP9: 228.18% (down from 325%)
MP10: 250.09% (down from 371%)

The fix is coming to Europe on Wednesday during the regular maintenance times.