Forellenlord and Eloblade back to Alternate

General Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers
Just weeks after leaving, Forellenlord returns to Alternate with his new Eloblade team in tow.
A short time ago, the highest Elo player in the world the impressive new landmark of 3000 Elo. Now it seems that Forellenlord has decided to celebrate by returning to Alternate, to the team he recently left. "He is a very, very consistent player," said Johannes Sick, Project Manager of Alternate.

He brings with him the current lineup of Eloblade, who have had some impressive results lately. That means the new Alternate roster looks like this:

Germany Forellenlord
Germany Kerp
Sweden Kottenx
Poland Leofromkorea
Netherlands Metalx

The remaining members of the Alternate team have been let go and will presumably look for a new team. Sick mentioned that the old team struggled on the international stage and said that he hope the new team could perform internationally.

SK Gaming - Source