TPA's Ms. Steng: "I am confident females will be gaining more presence in eSports. "

General Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers
erica-interview.jpg Behind every strong team is a strong manager, and Taipei Assassins is no exception.

A once rather obscure team in the North American and European regions, Taipea Assassins is no stranger to us now. After showing a strong performance in the SEA regionals, they are one of their regional byes and will be participating in the World Championships in LA coming in October.

Today we go behind the scenes to take a close look at the managerial side of things as we summarize a couple of questions from interviewer Vanille.


Can you describe a normal day in your life being the manager of a professional gaming team?

A normal day for me would be scheduling practices and aiming for a diverse selection of opponents, so the team can study and adapt to different kinds of meta. This includes teams from Asia, North America, and Europe. I also negotiate with tournament organizers, maintain team fan page, manage public relations/media coverage, and work with company on achieving future goals for the team.

You are one of the few (relatively seen) female managers in eSports. In Taiwan there are a few teams that have females on their roster, such as Corsair, SSWIE and TPA, what do you think this means for the future of female eSports? Do you think it would be mixed, or separate?

I mentioned in my Forbes interview before that I am confident females will be gaining more presence in eSports. It’s great seeing females step out of the stereotypical gamer girl and portrayed more professionally. Having a mixed roster is definitely better, since having female players adds to the team’s publicity, but they have to be able to compete with males at a professional level for it to work.


Taipei Assassins was a team formed in late 2011 and have shown dominance to this day. Erica is their team manager and you can find her Twitter in the links below.

Coincidingly, you can find the FULL interview down below.

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