NaJin Sword extinguish the Blaze

General Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

Some time ago we asked "Who can stop the Blaze?" Today, NaJin Sword were kind enough to give an answer.

After accumulating just enough circuit points with their third place at The Champions Summer, NaJin Sword started at the very bottom of the Korean National Qualifier bracket. A hard way lay ahead but a 3-1 against Incredible Miracle and a 3-0 versus Xenics Storm sent MaknooN's team to the grand finals with seemingly little trouble.

There waited Azubu Blaze, the Korean powerhouse that took MLG Summer Arena and OGN Champions Spring, dropping just two maps in total in those and were inarguably the heavy favorites for the second S2WC spot.

First blood was drawn by NaJin, however, and Azubu had to score two in a row to make up for the early 0-1 disadvantage. With 2-1 in Blaze's favor, the Korean line-up for the Season 2 grand finals was just a game away from being an all-Azubu one but NaJin had quite a lot to say about this.

In game four, NaJin picked a composition for speedy engagements with Jayce and Skarner working together to drag people into Corki gatling or Karthus defile. Despite having just as good team fight composition that harbored an Orianna/Amumu combo, Blaze bended to NaJin's flawless engagements and the score was tied, the series down to a fifth blind pick match.

Blaze were quick to get their hands on Ryze and Vladimir - heroes that have been banned on multiple occasions throughout this tournament - and supplemented them with an aggressive Corki/Leona bot lane and a Lee Sin in the jungle. Knowing their level one is far better than NaJin's Ezreal/Sona/Karthus/Maokai/Jayce composition, Blaze went on the hunt for first blood and almost caught Ezreal with his pants down but a series of miracle flashes and blinks saved the life of the carry.

From that point on, it all went downhill for the MLG champions as the stomping they suffered at NaJin's hands was unbelievable. By the 10 minute mark, Sword were ahead 5K gold, an advantage that grew to 10K some five minutes later. As Nashor was also taken uncontested, NaJin were able to push and close in for the kill, welcoming their S2WC spot in exultation.