Joe Miller will NOT be casting the World Championships

General Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers
ggjoemiller%20240.jpg It turns out that another crowd favorite will not be casting the World Championships in LA.

As most people know, casting is one of the most important pieces of presentation value in E-sports. Deman has already confirmed that he will unfortunately not be casting due to interference with his network administration job. Deman mainly casts live events by taking vacation days off work.

Unfortunately, yet another superstar caster in the LoL scene will not be attending the championship. This is a direct quote from Joe Miller's twitter.

"3 facts of friday:No IEM China, No S2 Finals for Joe, Im leaving town for a weekend to ponder ze future."

For context to new League of Legends followers or E-sports followers in general, Joe and Deman have been legends among casters for E-sports many years, ranging all the way back to Battlefield 1942, taking in games such as Call of Duty 4 and Supreme Commander along the way. We can only hope his Twitter doesn't indicate a choice in shifting careers.

This is sad news for the League scene as one of the most charismatic duos in the scene will not be with us for the championships. We can only hope Riot and the venue have something special in store to take the place of two of the most popular and talented casters in the scene.

Joe Miller's Twitter - Source