GEST: 6 Filipino teams in tomorrow's playoffs - Preview

General “Raistlin”

With the group stage being one tiebreaker game from being over, we already have our 12 participants for the playoffs. Half of the field are wrapped in white, blue and red as Philippines once again show their dominance on the GIGABYTE E-Sports Tournament.

izone2.jpgiZone and iDeal, both sponsored by the tournament organizer GIGABYTE, will go head-to-head in a tiebreaker match tomorrow morning to decide the first place in Group B. While the Thai team iDeal defeated iZone in the original round, they surprisingly lost to fellow Thai team BBDotA to end 3-1 in the group.

- "It is really tough for us, because of the lag. Our last game earlier with iDeal was the worst lag-wise. If that will persist tomorrow, it will be difficult for us to win the championship," said iZone's carry Jhoven (picture).

Pacific.Palit and Neolution's Philippines team will lock horns in the first leg of the playoff, to decide who to go up against Neolution's Thailand team in the next round. Pacific.Palit went through Group D losing only to Cambodian side SVR_ES to grab second place. Their opponents, team captain Sojiro's Filipino side in Neolution, had one leg outside the tournament, but the victory over Indonesia team eNcy kept them alive in Group C.

palit3.jpg - "We played well today, but we were really spiking on the first game which we lost. The playoffs is gonna be tough, we will be playing another PH team from the get-go [], and would be facing Neolution (who backdoored us with Alleria last time around) in case we advance," said Pacific.Palit's support player Emz.

Dreamz (Group C runner-up) and Deperruku (Group D third) have been paired up to play in the second leg of the 12-man playoff. The winning team will be put up against the winner of the iDeal - iZone tiebreaker match.

GEST newcomers Alive.Alacrity of Thailand, had great success in Group A as they went three to one to tie up with Neolution. In the tiebreker, Neolution came out ahead, but Alive will have another chance to prove themselves in the playoffs against the Myanmar-team G7. The winning team will go up against the former Badburn squad, now under the name Pacific.eMaxx.

emaxx1.jpgDon, Pacific.eMaxx's support star (photo), told GosuGamers that he rate their performance really good after the first day.

- "It looks like that we are really in good playing condition this time around. We wish good luck on all PH teams on the playoffs tomorrow," said Don.

The last pair of the playoff sees the two-time GEST champs, MISEvo GT, go up against the loser of iZone versus iDeal. The Leumik-lead Philippines team had slim success in the August edition, and were close to not even entering the playoffs this month. Losing to Mineski and Alive.Alacrity in the group stage, they had to defeat Mineski in the tiebreaker to finally end up in the playoff. Although suffering from lag issues, the team could once again pull through.

msimc.jpg - "We were happy with our performance, but it really lags at times specially on the SG host. Game is really smooth though on the PH host. We hope that there won't be lag tomorrow, and rest assured that we will do our best to win," said Rara (photo), utility and support player of MSIEvo GT.

GEST September
Round 1
M1Philippines Pacific.Palit vs. Philippines NeolutionPH Bet!
M2Philippines Dreamz vs. Indonesia Deperruku Bet!
M3Thailand Alive.Alacrity vs. Myanmar G7 Bet!
M4Philippines iZone / Thailand iDeal vs. Philippines MSIEvo GT Bet!
Round 2
M5Thailand NeolutionTH vs. Winner of Match 1
M6Philippines iZone / Thailand iDeal vs. Winner of Match 2
M7Philippines Pacific.eMaxx vs. Winner of Match 3
M8Cambodia SVR_ES vs. Winner of Match 4

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