DreamHon OSC Finals: coL takes home the big price crushing tdM on two maps

General Sören “Fantasy44” V.

compLexity Gaming vs. Trademark eSports
Match 1
WitchSlayer bkid
Moraxus MoonMeander
Draconis Haxxeren
Andromeda Franzzii
PlagueRider Chessie
Torturer Mynuts
Pebbles Limmp
Aluna fajN`
Tempest PabloMcDad
Silhouette noobG
Bans and Locks
TundraJeraziah PollywogPriestFaydeMagebane
TundraOphelia GlaciusNymphoraDementedShaman

The first match started off with a big question that coL asked tdM: how are you going to deal with Haxxeren on Draconis? Unfortunately, tdM couldn't really find an answer to that question all game. The initial gank on him failed and gave him Bloodlust, after that he had the experience from the kill and could utilize his AoE spells to effectively farm the jungle and the stacked ancients to pump his GPM to huge heights. Trademark tried with some jumpy ganks based on the quick Portal Key on Pebbles, but even in that department coL took over after a while, with PKs for Witch Slayer and Moraxus. Teamfights were won by coL and after Draconis got his Null Stone and Shrunken Head he was pretty much unkillable.
noobG tried to get into the game with Silhouette but he was round about 200 GPM behind and when he hasn't even finished his Shrunken Head, Draconis already had a Slayers picked up. tdM engaged on the Tier Two tower in the middle lane, almost out of desperation that got turned around once again for a winning effort for the North Americans and the lead grew bigger and bigger. In one last hurrah-go tdM tried to initiate on the dominant team, but Limmp missed his stun and in a couple of seconds the earth was burning, shaking and tdM admitted defeat.

Match 2
Fayde bkid
Bubbles MoonMeander
ForsakenArcher Haxxeren
Empath Franzzii
Ophelia Chessie
Magmus Mynuts
Moraxus Limmp
Nymphora fajN`
Aluna PabloMcDad
Pyromancer noobG
Bans and Locks
JeraziahTempest GlaciusSilhouettePollywogPriest
TundraPebbles DraconisTDLMagebane

The second match was nothing short of domination. compLexity left absolutely no doubt about their skill, their talent and their dominance in the game, jumping out of the gates and taking the lead from the get go. Still, credit to Chessie on his Ophelia, who not only helped to build this lead with timely ganks, but he also got an Annihilation and a Bloodbath streak. After 16-1 hero kills and 15 minutes tdM decided to call it a night and hand the championship to the deserving

compLexity Gaming
United States bkid
United States Franzzii
Singapore MoonMeander
Denmark Haxxeren
Sweden Chessie
United States Ensoe

compLexity is not only getting $20,000 USD, but also a $4,000 USD travel stipend aswell as a direct invite for the DreamHack Winter Event featuring a bigger version of the DreamHon Summer festivities - won by fnatic last time.

Want to see Chessie's Annihilation again or other big plays? Just check out the VoDs. for all the fun.

Final Standings

1. Place: United States compLexity Gaming - $20,000 USD + $4,000 USD travel stipend
2. Place: Europe Trademark eSports - $7,000 USD
3. Place: Europe It's Gosu - $3,000 USD
4. Place: Australia Tt eSports - $1,500 USD
5.-6. Place: Other Vitriolic - $750 USD
5.-6. Place: Europe Pikachu - $750 USD
7.-8. Place: United States ClanMilk - $750 USD
7.-8. Place: Europe QsQ357 - $750 USD

Next chance for all the other teams to qualify for the DreamHon festivities at the DreamHack Winter 2012 S2Games will host a huge Redemption Tournament starting September, 5th with once again $4,000 USD and a $4,000 USD travel stipend on the line for the winning team.

Bracketology Final Standing:

If you want to take a look at all the brackets again, go check them out here.

Bracketology Standings (14/14)
# Player Team Points
1. Sweden Mynuts tdM 19
2. United States Franzzii coL 18
3. United States Swindlemelonzz DDOS 17
4. Denmark ChubbyChris iG 15
5.Germany Fantasy GG 13
5. United States Moiravus CM 13
5. Sweden iNsania iG 13
8. United States Sender iG 12
8.United States BreakyCPK HCT 12
10. Sweden Horspel QsQ357 11
10. United States Tralfamadore HCT 11
10.Denmark Buch Pika 10
12. United States Milkfat S2 10
12. United States The_Thrill S2 10
12. United States XanderK S2 10
12. Croatia Kolapz GG 10
16. Singapore MoonMeander coL 9
16. Denmark FJ QsQ112 9

Big congratz to Mynuts for winning this challenge before Franzzii from compLexity Gaming and Swindlemelonzz from DDOS.
Sören “Fantasy44” V.
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