The International full brackets released: CLG vs. mTw in lower bracket

General Patrik “Raistlin” Hellstrand

The full pairings for the playoffs of The International will treat fans not only nerve-thrilling matches in the upper bracket, but also top tier clashes in the lower bracket.

Reigning DreamHack champions mTw, who ended up in last place of Group B, will go head-to-head with Group A's fifth Counter Logic Gaming in a best-of-one direct elimination match.

Mousesports, who came in last place in Group A, has been paired up with The International 2011 runner-up EHOME in the second matchup of the lower bracket.

Chinese side TongFu is set to play Moscow 5, and Darer will play Absolute Legends.

Matches will kick off on Friday, August 31.

The International \ Upper Bracket
China LGDVSMalaysia Orange» Bet
United States ComplexityVSSingapore Zenith» Bet
China DK eSportsVSUkraine Natus Vincere» Bet
China Invictus GamingVSUnited States Evil Geniuses» Bet
The International \ Lower Bracket
Sweden Counter Logic Gamingvs.Europe mTw» Bet
Germany Mousesportsvs.China EHOME» Bet!
China TongFuvs.Russia Moscow 5» Bet!
Ukraine Darervs.Australia Absolute Legends» Bet!

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