GEST: Mineski, iZone, Dreamz, ReD take pole positions after first round

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 11 August 2012 10:11

GEST August has begun, and we dive right into the results from the first round. We see Invasion ReD take an early lead in Group A after a 1-0 victory over Pacific.Palit. In groups C and D we witnessed two top notch all-Filipino clashes between iZONE, MSIEvoGT, Mineski and Pacific.eMaxx.

GEST August Group Stage
Group AGroup B
Malaysia Invasion ReD2/0Philippines Dreamz1/0
Thailand Mango eSport1/0Indonesia eNcy1/0
Thailand Neolution1/0Indonesia X Team0/0
Philippines Pacific.Palit1/1Vietnam SkyNet0/1
Indonesia Ritter ART0/4Thailand iDeal.GIGABYTE0/1
Invasion ReD 1-0 Pacific.Palit
Mango eSport 1-0 Ritter-Art (W.O)
Neolution 1-0 Ritter-Art (W.O)
Pacific.Palit 1-0 Ritter-Art (W.O)
Invasion ReD 1-0 Ritter-Art (W.O)
iDeal.GIGABYTE 0-1 Dreamz
eNcy 1-0 SkyNet (W.O)
Group CGroup D
Philippines iZONE.GIGABYTE1/0Philippines Mineski1/0
Indonesia deperruku1/0Cambodia SVR_Es1/0
Vietnam BauCat0/0Thailand Hurt Me Not0/0
Vietnam Starsboba0/1Myanmar G70/1
Philippines MSIEvo GT0/1Philippines Pacific.eMaxx0/1
deperruku 1-0 StarsBoba
Mineski 1-0 Pacific.eMaxx
SVR_Es 1-0 G7

Scrimmage report

Mineski beats back-to-back champ Pacific.eMaxx in group of Death

Group D
Philippines MineskiPhilippines Pacific.eMaxx
Windrunner Earthshaker Queen of Pain Broodmother Demon WitchChaos Knight Guardian Wisp Shadow Demon Faerie Dragon Invoker

The group stage matchup between traditional powerhouse Mineski.Powercolor and two-time GEST defending champions Pacific.emaxx shot off to a blazing start with aggressive action at both side lanes. Windrunner was the target for Pacific at bot lane with Wisp and Chaos Knight while Lion constantly popped in to gank Puck at top lane.

Pacific was able to get the lead in the first thirty minutes, even though the kill score reflected a much closer game, with Invoker controlling the fights on the back of a Force Staff and Blink Dagger providing much need mobility.

As the game progressed on late, both teams were content to play it safe and opt for smoke ganks whenever possible, giving Broodmother the opportunity to farm up a Blink Dagger while Chaos Knight's farm remained largely stagnated.

A series of teamfights at the 50 minute mark bounced back and forth for both teams, where Mineski's middle barracks were the first to fall followed by Pacific.emaxx's. Nevertheless, Scourge eventually managed to pull through in terms of farm and catch Pacific.emaxx's Chaos Knight off guard.

With such a gold and experience lead, Mineski was able to take out the remaining barracks at top lane and force Pacific to call the GG at close to 60 minutes of game time.

Group C
Philippines MSIEvoGTPhilippines iZONE.GIGABYTE
Naga Siren Queen of Pain Morphling Chaos Knight OmniknightInvoker Sand King Faerie Dragon Ancient Apparition Windrunner

iZone defeats MSIEvoGT in opener
Two-time champions MSI was paired up against iZone in the opening match. The game started well for MSI but iZONE was able to outsmart MSI with their tactics. The heroes of iZONE proved unstoppable when they were together.

At the 32-minute mark iZone had a great team fight and was able to do a full team sweep to gain a big advantage. In the end, iZONE was able to dominate with a 20-kill lead against their opponents and could emerge victorious out of the game.

June and July's title holder, MSIEvoGT, told GosuGamers in a quick post-match interview that they did not take the game too serious since they were laughing over a funny stream they were watching. The coming games for today they hope to play better - and that they rate Dreamz as the toughest team in this GEST edition.

Dreamz takes early first
The given favourship not wear the Filipino champion quintet down, as they were able to defeat Thailand squad iDeal in their first match.

Group B
Philippines LedionDreamzThailand iDeal
Earthshaker Dragon Knight Morphling Faerie Dragon Shadow DemonNaga Siren Windrunner Ancient Apparition Dark Seer Vengeful Spirit

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