ASUS ROG Groups 1-4 complete

Posted by Julian "hattfatt" Koch at 02 August 2012 19:03

As the first half of the first day of ASUS ROG Assembly comes to an end, we see that major upsets have largely been avoided. Koreans dominate, while foreigners put up a decent fight.

Group 1:
SortOf proceeds to clean up opponents left and right as he conincingly walks through Group 1 beating elfi 3-0 and HerO 3-2. HerO moved on to face elfi after defeating Fuzer. The Finnish player showed that his strongest match-up is PvP and put up a good fight until HerO eventually prevailed. Fuzer, as most expected, takes last place and alongside elfi won’t play tomorrow.

Group 2:
The Korean player in this group, Moon, had an equally tough time with both of his matches going for the full five maps, but eventually moving on to tomorrow’s group stage in first place. DeMusliM, on the other hand found himself being down 1-5 maps until he regained composure and won his last two matches against Welmu and Bischu.

Group 3:
Terrans came out ahead in Group 3 as both TheStC and Naama will have a chance to play on day two of the tournament. HuK showed an unconvincing performance, falling 3-2 to Naama and 3-1 to Seiplo respectively. This makes Naama the first local player to advance thus far.

Group 4:
His fans will be pleased to see IdrA make it through the first group stage, only falling victim to TaeJa, who ultimately took first. Both advancing players took the quick route by beating all their adversaries 3-0. Harstem didn’t even manage to take a single map in any of his matches.

The last four groups include MC, MaNa, ret, SaSe as well as EG’s newest addition Suppy, so make sure to come back and check for more info.