Air Force Ace to disband

General Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev
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South Korea's military pro-team Air Force Ace will disband once all of the current pro-gamers see the end of their conscription. Source states that the reason behind this is the Brood War OSL coming to an end.

Created in 2007, the very first roster of Air Force Ace consisted of eight players, including The Emperor SlayerS_Boxer, WCG 2005 champion fOru as well as Clon, ChRh, H.O.T-Forever, Mumyung, Sunny and Rage. Throughout the years, the team has been the home to more legendary players like Yellow, Anytime, Reach, Pusan and Xellos and currently holds 11 players:

Korea Canata
Korea Chavi
Korea firebathero
Korea Great
Korea Iris
Korea Goojila
Korea Guemchi
Korea Stardust
Korea Orion
Korea Peace
Korea Piano

The team has stopped accepting new members and will officially close doors in March 2014 when the last of their players will be discharged from the military. According to a representative of the team "Ace had a role in improving the image of the military to youths however due to shifts in the gaming industry [they] had no choice but to disband the team."

Air Force Ace are currently competing in the hybrid SK Planet Proleague and are in last place just slightly behind SK Telecom T1.

Source: via Team Liquid