Former Keita captain fill roster with Merlini, miGGeL +2 for GosuLeague

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 17 July 2012 00:00

Former Keita Gaming's captain Mathias “bonzajajaj” Andersson has since the curtains closed on the Swedish-Finnish quintet found four replacements to fill a new roster to be eligible to play in GosuLeague.

Living DotA 1 legend Ben "Merlini" Wu and Danish star Mikkel "miGGel" Berg along with Emily "Sayuri" Weiss and Hector "Demise" Sandoval are the Swede's new team mates. The new team makes its first showing in GosuLeague tomorrow evening versus fellow Division 1 team Gamersleague.

Previous team mates of Andersson included Quix (who now plays for Gamersleague), Niqua, Wall-eater and Pinoy. While a statement from Keita-Gaming is not coming until Wednesday, the latter two are according to bonzajaja not interested in playing.

Team captain Emily "Sayuri" Weiss told GosuGamers that they hope to announce their sponsor soon, and that they are excited to be playing in GosuLeague tomorrow.

I’m really pleased to be playing with four incredible, fun teammates. Miggel is an exceptional drafter with impressive experience; he’s a decisive, knowledgeable in-game leader who really rallies our wits. He’s not afraid to experiment with hero line-ups and item builds, and his creativity and strategic intelligence is really a blessing to our team. Merlini is a very consistent, amazingly seasoned player who brings a lot of technical knowledge and reliable high-skill play. He plays our off-lane, and it’s not uncommon for our team to be ahead a couple of kills because of his solo capabilities, despite unfavorable hero matchups. Bonzajajaj is one of the new additions to our line-up, and most know him as the previous captain of KEITA. He’s really stepped up to play our jungler and utility support, and even though it’s a role he’s still adapting to, his micro is really inspiring. He contributes a lot of perspective as the prior leader of the KEITA squad, and he has so much faith and trust in us as teammates. Demise is our last pick up, and he’s proven to be very dedicated and flexible. He can play almost any hero for us, which gives our lanes a little bit of flavor, and unpredictability. I think his fresh, developing talent is something that we’re looking forward to utilizing in competitive play.

Though many people doubt our potential due to our International roster, we’ve had no problems with time or language barriers; in fact, we usually scrim for at least six hours a day, and our team is really one of five friends. We’re excited to be playing in Gosuleague starting on Tuesday, and hope to be able to announce our sponsor soon! Thank you to all of our fans and supporters, we hope to make you proud.

- United States Emily "Sayuri" Weiss

Ben's Fuck Buddies
United States Emily “Sayuri” Weiss
Denmark Mikkel “MiGGel” Berg
United States Ben “Merlini” Wu
Sweden Mathias “bonzajajaj” Andersson
United States Hector “Demise” Sandoval