The Defense group phase completed - mouz, coL, mTw and Quantic win their groups

Posted by Christoph "malnor" Helbig at 11 July 2012 20:14
The group phase of the second The Defense tournament is over. 16 teams proceed to playoffs.

Darer against Evil Geniuses was the last and final match of the group phase of The Defense. 24 teams have participated in the four groups, only the top four of all groups proceed to the playoffs. For determining the position in case multiple teams have same amount of wins, the time ranking is used in The Defense.

The final match of The Defense looked like a fair match for a long time, until Darer managed to push down all six barracks with just a single push. Darer is now tied in wins with mousesports, but as they didn't win in under 26 minutes, they stay at position two. Evil Geniuses is only in third position in group A.

Standings Defense Groups
Group AGroup B
Germany mouz4-1-90United States coL5-0-193
Ukraine Darer4-1-115Russia M54-1-91
United States Evil Geniuses3-2-55Germany uebelst3-2-48
Germany WhA2-3-106Australia aL2-3-21
Sweden Infused2-3+35Sweden 4FC1-4+154
Russia zNation0-5+29United States Hydra0-5+199
Group CGroup D
Europe mTw4-1-131United States Quantic5-0-194
Ukraine Na'Vi4-1-158Sweden CLG3-2-52
Slovakia SGC3-2-33United States POTM2-3+50
Russia Empire2-3+18Belarus PR2-3+34
Europe fnatic1-4+166Europe HM2-3+29
Kazakhstan NEXT1-4+137Denmark Wolves1-4+134

The first two teams of each group proceed to the upper bracket of the playoffs. Teams three and four are automatically seeded into the lower bracket, implying that the playoffs are double-elimination best-of-three. Teams of group A face teams of group B in the beginning, while group C teams face group D teams. This way, we will see the all-German match We haz Asian against uebelst gamynG in the lower bracket.

Defense Playoffs
Upper Bracket
Germany mousesportsvs.Russia Moscow Five
Ukraine Darervs.United States compLexity
Europe mTwvs.Sweden Counter Logic Gaming
Ukraine Na'Vivs.United States Quantic Gaming
Lower Bracket
United States Evil Geniusesvs.Australia Absolute Legends
Germany We haz Asianvs.Germany uebelst gamynG
Slovakia Storm Games Clanvs.Belarus Power Rangers
Russia Empirevs.United States POTM bottom

Prize money The Defense 2:
1st: 6,000 EUR
2nd: 2,500 EUR
3rd: 1,500 EUR

Source: The Defense 2