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Wolves to GosuLeague Division 1, HelloMoto and uebelst in tiebreaker


Copenhagen Wolves is the first team to advance up to Division 1 after a convincing 7-0 run in Division 2a. The final slot in the division stands between HelloMoto and uebelst gamynG as they finished with the exact same score. A best-of-one match will determine the division victor.

Copenhagen Wolves has successfully gone through Division 2A and will join Division 1 at the start of the next season. The Danish side will thus switch place with Team Infused who fell short in Division 1 and suffers demotion.

Sadly, we will see another team leave the division, as MassPro were unable to finish the league and subsequently forfeited their matches. GosuGamers will announce a replacement for the vacant slot in the division in the coming days.

GosuLeague \ Season 2 \ Division 2A
e64c806735b4d43cc82b6d0878d80ee1ad1157d483e21667889bb110c2.png 1. Denmark Wolves7700714
2. Czech Republic iN7421310
3. Germany BAFFD741229
4. France BAGUETTE724118
5. France BLAST7223-16
6. Brazil vTi7133-25
7. Jordan YoungReblz7124-34
bbb1069fa663697259fbf6f21eaefd1d51168f33ced13c2965f1e2b1bd.png 9. Europe mPro7007-70
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HelloMoto, uebelst to play for division 1 slot
Divison 2B is still an open story as HelloMoto and uebelst gamynG landed at 12 points each. Due to their regular season match ending 1-1, a deciding best-of-one match will be played in the coming days to fill the last division 1 slot. The time and date of the match will be announced when the teams find a suitable match date.

This division will just like 2A see teams bid adieu. Neither D2G nor Sky) were unable to finish their matches and are thus disqualified and sent off from GosuLeague. The two vacant spots will thus be filled with replacements. More information regarding the replacements will be announced this Sunday, July 1.

GosuLeague \ Season 2 \ Division 2B
1. Europe HelloMoto7520512
1. Germany uebelst7520512
3. Portugal 404.7421310
4. Belarus PR732218
5. Europe Super!!7304-16
6. Russia GlobiX7304-16
bbb1069fa663697259fbf6f21eaefd1d51168f33ced13c2965f1e2b1bd.png 7. Europe D2G6006-60
bbb1069fa663697259fbf6f21eaefd1d51168f33ced13c2965f1e2b1bd.png 8. Ukraine Sky)6006-60
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