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20:30: Infused to close tonight's GosuLeague act versus Moscow 5



Moscow 5 will close tonight's act of GosuLeague just as they opened it. Their opponent is the sixth-ranked Team Infused whose captain hopes to end the season on a happy note before the quintet go for a vacation.
- "We have played a insane amount of games this week since we are leaving for vacation tomorrow, so we're as ready as we could ever be," says Wagamama.

Infused will at best land at 7 points in GosuLeague. The past season champion were able to harness the positive energy from a month back as the first place is mathematically impossible. But when we catch up with the captain of the black-and-reds, they seem to be in good spirit and seem very motivated to cap things off with a win. And they feel confident they can give the Russians a hard time.

- "M5 is a team that has been around for sometime now, they are quite consistent in how they play as well," says Wagamama. He added, "Even so, we feel confident that we can show these russians true aggression."

This will be the last game for the Swedes before they go on vacation. We asked if they would be brining any key points with them during their interlude.

- "Well, we take with us the memory of not winning this season. During vacation it's time to polish up and finetune some new strategies and ideas for the next season," Wagamama told GosuGamers.

Sweden Niklas 'Wagamama' Högström
Sweden Hampus 'Mini' Olsson
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