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Keita takes on NEXT.kz in GosuLeague: "won't aim for a farmfest"


0bfdf0621188bfaea2deb34ee7e41562480a008c5ccfe614e593ccc13f.jpgbonzajajaj and his men in Swedish side Keita Gaming is paired against Kazakh quintet NEXT.kz in their last GosuLeague match for the season. GousGamers caught the Swedish team captain for a quick interview.
- "I got my ideas how we shall bring them down," says bonzajajaj.

Keita Gaming is sawed off from the battle for the top spot, but can finish with style versus NEXT.kz tonight. The team has had a hard time after DreamHack after having struggled with finding motivation. But to GosuGames they say they come in to the game refreshed, and that things have been going really smooth since the motivational uplift.

- "Just a week ago we said to eachother 'hey, let's give it a fair last shot and just relax and focus on our game' and since then everything has been going really smooth," admits bonzajajaj.

Last encounter between the two teams ended in victory for the Swedish side, and while he sees upon them with respect he has ideas on how to win tonight.

- "I think I know them pretty well actually," says bonzajajaj and smiles. He added, "they are a great team - but I got my ideas how we shall bring them down."

What sort of game do you predict for tonight?
- We wont aim for a farmfest, that's all I can say.

The match will kick off in just a couple of minutes, so make sure to have placed your bets, and tune in to Kevin "Purge" Godec!

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