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r1sk reunites with Absolute Legends

With four months gone since r1sk left the Australian side Absolute Legends, the team has been facing a real downfall. Previously ranked as the top team in GosuGamers, AL is now back with their former team captain David "r1sk" Arnous.

David "r1sk" Arnous, former team captain of Absolute Legends, reunites with his old team. Real life commitments was previously stated as the reason for his departure from the team. Having taken a more passive role, r1sk kept on supporting his old team mates, and took notes of AL's performance and guided them on how to get better.

Australia David "GoDz" Parker, Manager of Absolute Legends

"Today we welcome back our old player, captain, and friend r1sk. He initially took time off despite leading us to many victories and great achievements due to personal reasons. It's great to have back the captain who helped get us initially recognized on an international level winning the BenQ Invitational with him, and moving onto top placings in "The Premier League", "The Defense", and many other tournaments. Since taking some time off he still has followed our games and acted as a mentor/coach for the team, and we are more than happy to welcome him back in as a player and co-captain once again. Our goal is to keep moving forward and only give our fans the very best.

Absolute Legends Roster
Australia David "r1sk" Arnous
Australia Alex "blackshatan" Chang
Australia Darcy "Godot" Jose
Australia Trong "Snoopy" Truong
Singapore Justin "xMusica" Yuen
Canada Scott "bLeek" Jensen

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