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NEXT.kz and Darer share point in GosuLeague, Infs go 2-0 - RESULTS


GosuLeague Division 1 Results June 28
Kazakstan NEXT.kz1-1Ukraine Darer
Sweden Infused 2-0Kazakstan NEXT.kz
Germany Mousesports2-0*Germany EYES ON U
Sweden Keita2-0*Germany EYES ON U
Europe mTw2-0Germany Mousesports
* EYES ON U pulls out of GosuLeague (More information)

NEXT.kz 1-1 Darer
The Thursday of GosuLeague started off when Mantis, LuCky and their team mates in NEXT.kz went up against Darer.

GosuLeague - Game 1

Kazakstan NEXT.kzUkraine Darer
dark seer enchantress brewmaster
lycanthrope natures prophet lone druid
queen of pain shadow demon
enigma morphling
invoker leshrac tidehunter
chen broodmother sandking
crystal maiden bounty hunter
windrunner viper

The first game saw Darer's Viper getting ahead and picked up a couple of last hits in the secodn team fight to buff up and get ahead. The Ukrainian side quickly got a big gold advantage, and kept that throughout the game. Darer player GodKillThemAll's Broodmother stayed in his lane with his soul ring which allowed him to push the lane over and over again.

GosuLeague - Game 2

Kazakstan NEXT.kzUkraine Darer
broodmother leshrac natures prophet
dark seer lycanthrope brewmaster
queen of pain beastmaster
venomancer lich
invoker enchantress windrunner
chen shadow demon night stalker
crystal maiden lone druid
enigma tinker

NEXT were able to bounce back and claim the second game after stellar team fights by NEXT.kz with Invoker in the forefront with a 10-2 kill ratio at the ending 34 minute mark.

Infused 2-0 NEXT.kz

GosuLeague - Game 1

Sweden InfusedKazakstan NEXT.kz
lone druid dark seer leshrac
natures prophet chen lycanthrope
enchantress shadow demon
tidehunter sandking
venomancer crystal maiden queen of pain
invoker windrunner broodmother
juggernaut storm spirit
enigma witch doctor

We could then see NEXT.kz go on to lose versus the Swedish side Infused after one very long and one very short game. Team fights going back and forth for well over 40 minutes, when at 43 minutes StalCat disconnects and is unable to rejoin which meant a four versus five situation for the rest of the game. And then, at 53 minutes, a big team fight in the woods goes to favour the Swedes and can therefore reel in the game as theirs.

GosuLeague - Game 2

Sweden InfusedKazakstan NEXT.kz
lone druid beastmaster broodmother
natures prophet leshrac dark seer
sandking tidehunter
tinker morphling
crystal maiden venomancer earthshaker
lycanthrope queen of pain windrunner
ursa skeleton king
shadow demon batrider

The second game was a quick 14 minute game where Infused fed Wagamama's Ursa with great lane support after a nice level 1 roshan kill-off tactic.

mTw 2-0 Mousesports

For a detailed report on mTw versus Mousesports, go read mTw obliterates Mouz in 15-minute game to cement GosuLeague lead - REPORT.

GosuLeague - Game 1

Europe mTwGermany Mousesports
dark seer broodmother enchantress
lycanthrope lich invoker
clinkz storm spirit
earthshaker lone druid
natures prophet enigma tinker
leshrac chen shadow demon
venomancer beastmaster
night stalker anti mage

GosuLeague - Game 2

Germany MouzEurope mTw
invoker tinker lich
dark seer broodmother chen
juggernaut chaos
sandking storm spirit
lycanthrope enigma leshrac
natures prophet enchantress lone druid
shadow demon brewmaster
venomancer night stalker

VODs from the matches will be coming your way tomorrow.

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