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EYES leaving GosuLeague


The German team EYES ON U is leaving the GosuLeague. They unable to play with their regular roster and thus decide to give up the spot in division 1.

EYES ON U is pulling out of GosuLeague division 1 with immediate effect. According the team's player crusH, the German-based team is unable to play with the regular roster due to other obligations. Though playing with standins would have been possible, the team doesn't believe it can keep up with the other teams in division 1 this way.

The team EYES up to now had four matches played. With three points, the team was placed in sixth position. A default win a against Moscow 5 and the 1-1 against NEXT.kz gave them this position in the second GosuLeague season.

M5 and NEXT.kz profit

Due to the withdrawal, all matches of EYES are accounted as 0-2 losses, to prevent a distortion of the competition. This way, M5 catches up with Infused and NEXT.kz now has same points as Darer. Whether EYES ON U will be allowed to play in division 2 next season will be published at a later date.

Statement by crusH:

"EYES is leaving GosuLeague, because we are not in our best form and a lot of our players are busy recently. This would mean that we have to use standins in all our matches and we don't want to get bad games because of that. It was a pleasure to play in the league. We are not disbanding. Good luck in future."

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