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Keita, Virtus Pro hop off The Defense, PR and uebelst to replace

joinDOTA announces that Keita Gaming and Virtus Pro have thrown in the towel for their flagship tournament The Defense. The teams will be replaced by uebelst-gamynG and Power Rangers in the respective groups.

The Razer and BenQ sponsored tournament goes on, but without the reported temporarily disbanded Virtus Pro and a Keita Gaming with lineup issues.

Virtus Pro's replacement uebelst-gamynG has already proven their worth in the group by scoring a win against 4 Friends + Chrillee. Keita Gaming's substitute, Power Rangers, starts with a 0-1 score as they overtake Keita's spot in Group 4.

The Defense continues today with Absolute Legends versus newcomers uebelst gamynG, 4 Friends + Chrillee against Moscow 5, Copenhagen Wolves versus POTM Bottom and Quantic Gaming against POTM.

The Defense Group Stage
Group 1
Sweden Team Infused
United States Evil Geniuses
Europe Mousesports
Germany We haz Asian
Ukraine Darer
Russia zNation
Group 2
United States compLexity
Germany uebelst-gamynG
Australia Absolute Legends
United States Hydra
Sweden 4 Friends + Chrillee
Russia Moscow Five
Group 3
Kazakstan NEXT.kz
Europe mTw
Slovakia Storm Games Clan
Russia Empire
Europe Fnatic
Ukraine Natus Vincere
Group 4
Sweden Counter Logic Gaming
Europe HelloMoto
Europe Copenhagen Wolves
Belarus Power Rangers
United States POTM bottom
United States Quantic Gaming

Source: joinDOTA.com

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