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StarSeries: Last rounds ongoing

9b009c250c8ab0e6de7c0f39fa826fccc636ac5156d30e621a7cafeee3.jpgThe second season of StarLadder's StarSeries is reaching its final rounds. Only few teams are left to have a chance for qualifying for the offline finals.

At the very top, everything looks familiar. In the StarSeries, Na'Vi is leading and after 13 of 15 rounds played, the Ukrainian team is already qualified for the offline finals in Kiev. However, the league has not been as easy as last season for Na'Vi. The team already lost two times, while last season the team was undefeated at this point.

This time, the favorite team is followed by an American team in second place. Team EG currently has a 10-2 score and is very likely to qualify for the offline finals. For the definite confirmation, the team only has to win one of the three remaining matches against Na'Vi, NEXT.kz and team Empire.

It's Gosu pulled back last time, will EG go this time?

Last season, the American team of It's Gosu qualified for SLTV finals, but gave up the spot, because the short notice trip to Ukraine was not possible for the team. With Evil Geniuses backing the Americans this time, pulling back is much more unlikely, especially with EG having to train for The International 2.

1.Ukraine Na`Vi11/0/2EG, Empire
2.United States Team EG10/0/2Na'Vi, NEXT.kz, Empire

Behind these two leading team, it's getting as tight as it can be. Four teams fight for two slots in the playoffs. mousesports, Darer, mTw and M5 are still in the run. Unlike the leading two leading teams, the contenders for playoff positions all only have one single match remaining.

Deciding final match between Darer and mouz

As fate turns, two of the teams, Darer and mousesports, are facing each other in a face-to-face showdown. Darer and mouz are the two teams with the best chances for qualifying. They only need this one last victory to reach the goal, but only can be such an unfair word when it comes down to a knock-out match.

3.Germany mousesports10/0/4Darer
4.Ukraine Darer10/0/4mouz
5.Europe mTw9/0/5 Virtus.Pro
6.Russia Moscow 59/0/5 Virtus.Pro

mTw and Moscow 5 have to hope, they can not reach the finals on their own. In case of equal scores, it comes down to direct results between the contesting teams. Here, mousesports would win any form of 2-team-tie, while M5 would lose in all 2-team-ties. mTw would only win against Darer. This way, a 3-way-tie would be possible with Darer, mTw and M5 at 10 points.

Fourth place is likely to face Na'Vi

However, all speculation is all waste, if mTw and M5 both lose against Virtus.Pro, as 10 points are necessary in any case for qualifying for Kiev. And if mousesports loses against Darer, both teams are qualified anyway. They are unlikely to wangle in the match, as fourth place is likely to face Na'Vi in first round of the playoffs, a fate they will most likely want to avoid by any means.

Contender results
Germany mousesportsPD15Ukraine Darer
Europe mTw0-1Russia Moscow 5
Germany mousesports1-0Europe mTw
Ukraine Darer1-0Russia Moscow 5
Germany mousesports1-0Russia Moscow 5
Ukraine Darer0-1Europe mTw

The offline finals of StarLadder's StarSeries will be played from 12 July to 15 July in Kiev. Four teams battle it out in a double-elimination tournament. Prize money is $6,000 for first place, and still $2,000 for fourth place.

Source: StarLadder StarSeries

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