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4Players Cup #5 - M5, NEXT.kz, fnatic, EYES and uebelst confirmed

The fifth 4PlayersLeague Dota 2 cup is played this Sunday. 128 teams can participate, four GosuLeague teams already confirmed their participation.

The 4PL runs a Dota 2 tournament every two weeks. This Sunday, the fifth edition will be played. Just as every time, 128 teams will be allowed for the one-day-tournament. The prize money is 400 Euro, which will only be given to the winner, while the runner-up goes home with nothing but fame.

M5, NEXT.kz, fnatic, EYES and uebelst already confirmed

Pro teams can pre-confirm their participation in the tournament. This has already been done by four teams from GosuLeague: Moscow 5, NEXT.kz and EYES ON U from Division 1 will play in this week's 4PL cup. NEXT.kz makes sure to first play the match against mTw at 14 CET, before switching over to 4PL from 16 CET onwards.

uebelst gamyng is a promising Division 2 team playing in the tournament as well. In addition to these GosuLeague teams, the fnatic team has ended the Heroes of Newerth team, after successfully winning the DreamHack HoN tournament and is now going back to Dota 2, trying to show a good performance in the 4PL tournament.

Source: 4PlayersLeague

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