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LGD 2-2's Zenith to take GDM

The Chinese team LGD has won the grand final of Gigabyte Dota Masters. Team Zenith managed to force a second best-of-three, but lost in the end. Orange in third place.

Team LGD has won the Gigabyte Dota Masters. In the grand final against Zenith, the Chinese players lost the first best-of-three, but won the second. LGD came from the winner bracket and thus only had to win one out of two best-of-threes.

This victory in the so far most important Asian Dota 2 online tournament secures LGD a prize money pot of 3,000 US-Dollar, while Zenith and Orange also get their share as second and third placed team. Overall, five Chinese teams have secured the spots among the the top 8.

Top 4 are all playing in The International

World Elite is the best placed team not qualified for The International 2. From all participating teams which are also qualified for TI2 in Seattle, DK and absolute Legends have got the worst end, finishing in 13th place after losing in the first lower bracket round.

The grand final between LGD and Zenith started with a 2-0 by Zenith, extending the series by another best-of-three. This second set of matches was then delayed by an hour, as LGD had to relocate due to technical problems. After the relocation, the team regained strength and took down Zenith 2-0 respectively, tying up the series and winning the whole tournament consequentially.

Final placements Gigabyte Dota Masters:
1. China LGD ($3,000)
2. Singapore Zenith ($1,250)
3. Malaysia Orange ($750)
4. China Tongfu
5. China World Elite
5. China iG
7. China EHOME
7. Singapore AEON

Source: Gigabyte Dota Masters

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