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Gigabyte Dota Masters down to three teams

The Gigabyte Dota Masters has come down to just three teams left in the competition. LGD waits in the grand final for the winner of Zenith vs. Orange.

Gigabyte Dota Masters approaches the end of the tournament. 16 teams started in the playoffs, now only three remain: While LGD is already qualified for the grand final, the opponent of the Chinese team will be determined in the consolation final.

This consolation final is a repitition of the winner bracket semi final: Team Orange from Malaysia against team Zenith from Singapore. All three teams are now in the money placements. In GDM, the winner will get $3,000, while the runner-up and third place go home with $1,250 US-Dollar and $750 respectively.

Orange vs. Zenith Consolation Final on Friday, 14 CET/23 SGT

The winner bracket semi final between Orange and Zenith was won by Orange in three maps. Orange then lost in the winner bracket final against team LGD, while Zenith beat iG and the winner of the TI2-qualifier, Tongfu, in the lower bracket.

The winner bracket semi final was casted by GoDz and Triumph. You can watch Game 1, Game 2, and Game 3 in the GosuGamers.net database.

To get you hyped for the consolation final, here are the picks of the previous matches between team Orange and team Zenith. Zenith even played with Gyrocopter already in one of these games.

Dota 2 Masters Semi Final

Malaysia OrangeSingapore Zenith
chaos invoker brewmaster
lycanthrope windrunner dark seer
sandking tidehunter
broodmother enigma
natures prophet queen of pain earthshaker
leshrac chen morphling
ancient apparition dragon knight
venomancer bounty hunter
earthshaker X (Bot)
queen of pain kyxy (Mid)
dragon knight YamateH (Bot)
ancient apparition Ice (Bot)
natures prophet WinteR (Top)
morphling hyhy (Mid)
bounty hunter Loda (Top)
chen xFreedom (Bot)
leshrac ice (Bot)
venomancer xy- (Bot)

Dota 2 Masters Semi Final

Singapore ZenithMalaysia Orange
enchantress windrunner chen
lycanthrope chaos leshrac
crystal maiden morphling
brewmaster broodmother
dark seer queen of pain sandking
natures prophet invoker enigma
vengeful spirit gyro
earthshaker mirana
queen of pain hyhy (Mid)
dark seer Loda (Top)
vengeful spirit xFreedom (Bot)
gyro ice (Bot)
sandking xy- (Bot)
enigma X (Jungle)
earthshaker Ice (Top)
mirana YamateH (Top)
invoker kyxy (Mid)
natures prophet WinteR (Bot)

Dota 2 Masters Semi Final

Malaysia OrangeSingapore Zenith
brewmaster leshrac chaos
windrunner dark seer lycanthrope
morphling lone druid
vengeful spirit dragon knight
natures prophet chen queen of pain
invoker crystal maiden earthshaker
broodmother shadow demon
slardar tinker
chen X (Jungle)
queen of pain YamateH (Bot)
natures prophet WinteR (Top)
shadow demon Ice (Bot)
broodmother kyxy (Mid)
tinker hyhy (Mid)
slardar Loda (bot)
crystal maiden xFreedom (Bot)
invoker ice (Top)
earthshaker xy- (Bot)

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