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Techies specialist "Nico" discusses his GEST success


The GEST IDC June, like past editions, encountered many shocks and surprises, and especially many highly entertaining and exhilarating matches. The real story that came from this month at the GEST IDC was the 20-year-old stand-in for the eventual champions Pacific.BadBurn - Nico.


A player for an Internationally unrecognized team, pcg.MINDS, Nico wowed viewers, opponents, and even the commentators with his Goblin Techies play defeating TinhYeuDota, Ritter-ART, then Mineski in the playoffs. Nico was called in as a last minute stand-in for the missing "Redeyes" who played the group stage matches on Saturday while traveling from a separate cafe - however, this led to some communication and latency issues which resulted in Pcfc.BB only just scraping through their group with a 2-2 score including losses to MSI-EvoGT and the wildcard Cambodian team SVR_ES. While initially only planning to use Nico's hero specialty in the grand finals, the team picked it up in three consecutive playoffs matches, and went on to win the finals 2-1 despite the hero being banned in all three games.

In an exclusive interview with GosuGamers caster David "GodZ" Parker, Nico speaks up about his experience with Pacific.BadBurn and Goblin Techies as a hero

Pacific Badburn (Without Nico)

Playing with Pacific Badburn

As I understand Nico, you were contacted as a last minute stand-in for RedEyes of team Pacific.BadBurn. What was your first reactions to playing with them and did you feel any pressure especially taking over as one of their solo roles and playing for the team who has won the past two GMPGL titles?

-"Actually I really felt nervous, but more excited (blushing) I said to Jo Tan. *laughs* I'm glad that they choose me to substitute for Chin's (RedEye) slot."

Let's get right down to it. You are a Goblin Techies "specialist". How did you get to this point where your techies has become so known and feared amongst teams in the Philippines?

-"At first I'm using techies just for trolling the beginners. Because, for me I think the first beginners will only know on DotA how to move(walk) *laughs*. And after so many games that I'm using techies, I think I can also use it on bet games because of its wide potential on offense and defense >:)"

I think the top secret is losing.
What makes Techies a strong and viable hero for the competitive scene? How would you suggest teams deal with the way you play him or is this top secret?

-"I think the top secret is losing. *laughs* Because every time that I lose using techies I get more strategies about what is the right play at the right moment. My techies already has 14 losses but 89 wins. I recorded it since I used it on bet games >:)"

You currently play for Team pcg.MINDS in the Philippines - do you have any plans towards the future to keep playing competitively and take your own team to the next level following your first major victory in the GEST IDC June?

-"I don't know what will be our team manager's plan. It is really hard to make a plan for our team because myself and two others are busy at school, lack of time is our problem."

My role depends on what is needed..
What is your role in pcg.MINDS? I imagine you must frequently utilize techies as well there, but do you also captain or lead the team? How do you believe your team can stand up to the other Filipino teams who currently compete on the International Stage ?

-"My role depends on what is needed because we have no stable 5th member. Yes, I am the captain of pcg.MINDS. At first "MINDS" stands for the abbreviations of our name 'N' for me. Hehe. I've learned a lot from team Pacific.BadBurn that I can apply for my team. If there is a chance of participating why not?"

Back to the fantastic result: Did the team generally feel confident that they could win the title this month despite having a stand-in or were you guys just aiming to have some fun and hope for the best?

-"I think they aiming for at least to be on the top cause Chin is not there. And actually at first we were planning to use techies only at the finals but Ritter-ART and other teams used a rush heroes so we decided that we needed a hero who is good in defense."

You played with Pacific.BadBurn from the same LAN cafe for the playoffs; what was the team's reaction and discussion like after losing the first game to iZONE.GIGABYTE in the Grand Finals?

-"They said 'TIWALA LANg Ayos MUKha lang' - *laughs* We can win this 2 games! They said that they were just out-picked on the 1st game. Pacific.BadBurn really confident of winning *smiles*"

They said that BadBurn has a curse of losing to iZone..
How did you guys feel after coming back from losing the first game to win the championship? Any special celebrations?

-"We think that we're not on right time to celebrate. They said that BadBurn has a curse of losing to iZone so we need to focus! Curse vs curse... *laughs*"

On Squeal, Squee and Spleen

Was the techies pick something you guys had to discuss or was the Pacific.BadBurn captain immediately confident in the heroes potential in your hands?

-"We have a few briefings before every game starts and I explained to them what will I need and that's it. They are really pro players they can easily adapt on techies play."

...we're already expecting that we can't use it anymore.
Did you guys anticipate the Goblin Techies ban in all three of the games from this match and did that make it harder in the finals?

-"Actually, at semi-finals we're already expecting that we can't use it anymore. But Mineski didn't ban it so we used it. So we already expected that iZone will ban it in every game."

Any tips for aspiring teams/players who want to use Techies competitively (such as myself) ?
-"Hmmmm... Just always think what can be your opponents' moves. Put yourself as your enemy!! *laughs*"

Finally, any final words or shout outs you'd like to make?

-"YES! Of course GOD who's in Heaven and GoDz who interviews me here on earth for making this possible >:)

I am really really thankful to Team Pacific.BadBurn: Mark(BAYABAS) Gavin, Richard Minowa, Carlo Rivera, Don Dancel, Coronado Apuad and Jo Tan!!

To Pacific manager Ate Vangi, Team pcg.MINDS: our manager Kuya Reggie Ate Jean Akong <3 Mosses, Toolits, and also Sam the one member who leave us hahaha. Lawrence our FOrmer manager, Nadin and the people who supported us - Team PAV Gamers, Ate Arlene, Team ARW, Pason, Carlo Papabol Palad, MAXSHIe <3 Kat, James <3 Mico, Sol <3 Rhain, Eulla, 3Dboys, Lebonn, Dian, Kuya Mel, Jarred, Boss Jec, Rheymark, to all DUMANLANG :), Team SOFIA CALI swagger, Team BULACAN Kali, Team Applepark: inshu, borgz, Cogeo boys, ranjel, rg, and my friend in IZONE EWE, ATONG <3

And for the rest that I didn't mention: THNKZ GUYS!! KEEP RAKKI'n \m/ >:)"

Re-live all the exciting Goblin Techies play featuring Pacific Badburn and Techies specialist Nico from our Replays Database. The VOD for the Semi-final match again Mineski can be found at this link.

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