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Copenhagen Wolves return with TTB

Wolves, with Link stand-in at DreamHack Summer 2012

A month on from the disbandment of its former team, Copenhagen Wolves have today announced their decision to once again dip their toes into the waters of Dota 2, picking up DreamHack contestants The Tough Bananas.

Apart from their DreamHack participation, TTB also have a joinDota masters title under their belts.
After what can only be described as a fiasco with the previous team which fell apart after less than a week under the Wolves banner, this decision to once again re-enter the Dota 2 scene could be seen as a brave one. In a statement released CEO of Copenhagen Wolves, Jakob Lund 'JLK' Kristensen stated, "We had actually talked to TTB for quite a long while and I was always impressed with their dedication and maturity."

Impressed also by the ever-growing Dota 2 scene, Kristensen decided to give it another shot. "We stand here today with a lot of optimism about the future. I am convinced we can build something amazing with these guys and hopefully make some noise among the top teams. "

Denmark Andreas "Balsam" Løchte:

"After a long period without a home I can happily announce that we've entered the cave of the wolves without fear and will be playing under their tag. The team and I hope that together we'll take our game to the next level, and hopefully in time compete with the top, I'd like to give a big shoutout to our few but stubborn fans who has been following us so far, and also a big shoutout to our newest sponsors; Steelseries, DSRack and CustomData."

Germany David “DrunKin” Pella (Manager):

"My team and I are really glad that we get the chance by Copenhagen Wolves to play under their name. This step is giving us a huge load of motivation for further events and matches. We have been waiting for this step now a quite long time, the whole team felt ready for taking this chance and here we are. I'm so stoked that I don't really know what to say. Thanks to our new sponsors SteelSeries, CustomData and DSRack for giving us the chance. Thanks also to our beloved fans and to those who always believed in us and still do, we love you! Last but not least, thanks to Sylvester 'Link' Hoelgaard who was always there for us if we needed a standin the last weeks! Please support us by liking http://www.facebook.com/CopenhagenWolves and joining #Wolves.DotA at IRC!"

GosuGamers managed to catch up with TTB at DreamHack for an exclusive interview regarding this exciting development for their future. Stay tuned as we will upload it as soon as possible.

Copenhagen Wolves Roster:
Denmark Balsam (C)
Denmark Calculus
Sweden S4
United Kingdom henrydickenson
Germany neNo-

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