mTw are champions of Vengeance Cup at DreamHack

General Dexter “kurtcos” F

Na`Vi met their makers in the grand finals tonight, with mTw pulling back two impressive wins after going down in the first game. Synderen lead his team to yet another victory at DreamHack, and it was truly a dream come true. mTw take home the title and $14,300 in cash.

Game 1
Europe mTwUkraine Na`Vi
leshrac enigma crystal maiden

windrunner lone druid
enchantress night stalker tinker

lina weaver

Both teams met before creeps spawned in Radiant's jungle, with Na`Vi scoring a first blood and mTw responding with another kill. With agressive jungling by Puppey, Na`Vi was able to take out Crystal Maiden and Leshrac early in the game pushing the score to 1-3 in Na`Vi's favor.

A tower dive by four of Na`Vi's squad past the tier 1 tower was able to pick off Windrunner, Crystal Maiden and Leshrac and with the dawn of the first night, Night Stalker was able to pick off a couple of heroes including Windrunner and Crystal Maiden. A 9 minute Boots of Travel on Tinker solidifed Na`Vi's advantage allowing Dendi to teleport into to Enchantress's creeps. The kill score was 6-15 at 15 minutes in Na`Vi's favor.

An over agressive dive at 16 minutes into bot tier 1 tower again picked off Lone Druid but set up a Black Hole that caught Night Stalker, Tinker and Weaver allowing Leshrac a triple stun and a three hero wipe. Enigma got lucky again with an invisibility rune at 27 minutes - he managed a three person Black Hole as Na`Vi were pushing towards bot tier 2 tower and allowed three easy kills for mTw.

Na`Vi tried for Roshan at 28 minutes and had the Aegis on Weaver uncontested. An Assault Cuirass soon appeared up on Lone Driud on top of his Radiance, with a Blink Dagger and Black King Bar on Enigma at 40 minutes, and Dendi with Hex, Blink Dagger and Euls on his Tinker.

At 40 minutes, both teams went face to face near the Roshan, and without a Black Hole, Synderen was picked off and the Aegis was once again placed on Weaver. The next huge fight came at 50 minutes, where Tinker got caught off early but Na`Vi managed to take out Lone Druid and Windrunner, two heroes who did not have buyback (but Tinker did).

The top barracks soon fell for mTw, and Na`Vi were able to go on to take out mid tier 3 tower before retreating. Another huge fight went 3-1 in mTw's favor and gave Roshan to mTw, and Synderen's team went on to capitalize on their advantage with a huge Black Hole at 55 minutes just as Na`Vi was pushing into mid barracks. Enchantress, Night Stalker and Tinker were picked off.

mTw never really could find an opening into Na`Vi's base, and after attempting to pick off Weaver at mid lane, the fight soon turn around and Lone Druid, Windrunner and Crystal Maiden fell with the former having no buyback into the game. They claimed mid barracks and forced a buyback on Leshrac.

Radiant were desperate. At one hour into the game, the entire mTw squad smoked into Radiant's jungle but what they encountered sealed their fate. Through sheer outplay, Na`Vi took a 5-0 team wipe with only Enigma having a buyback. mTw could not defend against mega creeps, and they called the GG.

Game 2
Ukraine Na`ViEurope mTw
leshrac invoker night stalker

beastmaster bane
natures prophet enigma venomancer

windrunner juggernaut

First blood went to mTw, who were able to catch Bane out of position with Enigma coming in from the jungle. With aggressive teleports from Prophet, mTw were able to establish a 4-1 kill lead at 4 minutes.

A second gank came at 10 minutes as a quick teleport on mid lane turned over a gank on Enigma and led to the deaths of Invoker and Bane. The push strategy of mTw's lineup seemed to be working out for them as they were able to claim all of Na`Vi's tier 1 tower at 13 minutes.

Sneaking out a Roshan at 18 minutes, the Aegis was placed on Juggernaut and mTw had established a 5,000 gold lead. A Smoke attempt at 20 minutes led to a 3-2 exchange in mTw's favor as the last outer tower for Na`Vi soon fell at 24 minutes. mTw had a 10,000 gold advantage by then.

Another 2-1 exchange going in mTw's favor at 30 minutes gave the second Aegis to Juggernaut as Hex Sticks were beginning to pop up on Windruner and Prophet at 30 minutes. Senseing their lead, mTw went for a bottom barracks attempt at 36 minutes which led to a 2-2 fight and their eventual retreat.

At 40 minutes, the third Roshan fell to mTw as Na`Vi came short of getting to Roshan in time. A horrible team fight claimed three of Na`Vi's heroes with no loss on Dire was the last straw and XBOCT forfeited the second game from Na`Vi.

Game 3
Europe mTwUkraine Na`Vi
night stalker lone druid tinker

enigma venomancer
shadow demon anti mage invoker

windrunner leshrac

Na`Vi decided to go for the familiar jungle strategy on the back of Shadow Demon and the abuse of the Smoke of Deceit. First blood was claimed at top lane with Shadow Demon and Leshrac setting a gank on Lone Druid.

With little aggression on the map in terms of hero kills, mTw led with a tiny 3-1 kill lead at 11 minutes with mTw having a focus on tower taking at 20 minutes. With four towers down for Na`Vi and none for mTw, the latter were able to establish a 5,000 gold advantage at 20 minutes.

mTw managed to take down Roshan at 24 minutes placing the Aegis on Lone Druid. With the score still at 5-4 at 25 minutes, the Ukranian powerhouse found themselves having to defend their towers at the expense of a lone Anti Mage who was constantly split pushing and farming with no participation in fights.

Initiated a base push at 25 minutes, a buyback was forced from Anti Mage with a second base push at 32 minutes after retreated. The pushing power which came out from Tinker and Lone Druid allowed them to take bot barracks after killing Dendi on Invoker.

But they did not stop there. They went ahead for mid barracks at 33 minutes and with it claimed with little difficulty, mTw soon decided to go for Roshan at 36 minutes with a 13-6 kill score in their advantage.

An amazing Aegis steal by Dendi on Invoker could not stop mTw from putting on the pressure as a throne race was initiated after Anti Mage got picked off during the Roshan fight and could no longer buyback.

Picking slowly at the naked throne, victory was imminent for mTw and at 37 minutes, the unbeatables Na`Vi took their second loss of the tournament, and it was the one that cost them the championship.