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EG outclassed by Na´Vi in second semi final


Natus Vincere advance to DreamHack Summer grand final after beating EG convincingly 2:0. The Ukrainians will play mTw for the championship.

Game 1
Ukraine Na`ViUnited States Eg
leshrac broodmother night stalker

windrunner bane
enigma shadow demon slardar

ancient apparition batrider

In the first game, EG had their best moment before the game clock even started ticking. After meeting the Ukrainian tripple lane near the top left corner, a fight escalated and both teams traded kills until the score reached 2:3. Readers who don't consider this a huge success are correct, however this remained one out of few, if not the only real highlight for the Americans.

Once the first creeps hit the lanes Na`Vi immediately took control of the game. Even though EG took the one or another kill, the Radiant solo heroes Windrunner and Broodmother excelled at winning their lanes in terms of creep stats and experience.

The only lane that can be considered a draw marked top where Demon's, Batrider farmed well amid securing himself additional gold through stacking neutral creeps. His counterpart XBOXT however did not do worse.

Na`Vi went on to roam aggressively during the first ten minutes, which did not always pay off, as the Americans were able to land the one or another counter-kill. What let the Radiant outgrow the Dire was the amount of destroyed field towers, which the Ukrainians never forget to take down.

Due to Na`Vi excelling at utilizing an early advantage to a maximum degree, EG found themselves one step behind in many situations. Bulba's solo Ancient Apparition remained mostly ineffective, Fear Slardar was simply not strong enough and Maelk's Enigma was not able to place crucial Black Holes this time around. Only Demon managed to burn LightofHeaven's Broodmother alive once, after successfully latching his Flaming Lasso and pulling him up a hill, but that didn't save EG from a loss in the first game.

Game 2
United States EGUkraine Na`Vi
natures prophet beastmaster lone druid

enigma dazzle
dark seer night stalker invoker

crystal maiden sandking

Going into the second game, Na`Vi put Dendi and XBOCT on their arguably most effective heroes Invoker and Night Stalker. EG on the other hand kept good memories of Fear's Lone Druid from the quarter final and decided to go for it again. Instead of Demon who recieved his beloved Beastmaster, Universe got to play the unorthodox hero this time, as a Dazzle was selected for him to guard Fear safely through the game.

Following Na`Vi's first-blood gank on top lane, that Bulba's Prophet fell victim to, the first bigger fight kickstarted bottom and turned even more frustrating for EG. After having shown quite a bit of aggression early on and destroyed the first tower on bottom, the Na´Vi got back them near the second tower and let Lightofheaven score an Ultra Kill after only eight minutes.

Even though Na`Vi could not always count on Dendi's safe aim with the Sun Strikes this time, the Dire heroes had even less trouble to gank EG than in the first game. The following twenty minutes proved to be particularly disturbing for EG who let the kill score slip away to 3:21.

Fed up by the early Ultra Kill, LightofHeaven withstood everything the Americans unleashed onto him, while XBOCT took charge of dealing the damage. After 15 minutes, Dendi, who had so far enjoyed a comfortable time on mid lane, grew strong enough to shut down the game with every AoE-spell in his repertoire.

Following these performances, Na`Vi will now have a shot at their next LAN championship title. Only mTw remains as their last opponent tonight.

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