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mouz are out of DreamHack Corsair

Kebap caught studying his opponent Black before the game.

Our first matchup that went into three games took place between during the anticipated clash between mouz and mTw (here's why). mTw snatch a close victory over mousesports and will go on to face the winner of EG and Na`Vi in the grand finals.

Game 1
Europe mTwGermany mouz
enigma invoker shadow demon

windrunner juggernaut
leshrac beastmaster sandking

crystal maiden morphling

Early game was quiet with both Windrunner and Beastmaster hoping to play it safe on the long lanes and avoiding feeding out early kills. The kill score was 5-4 in mTw's favor at 15 minutes, with both teams content to merely take towers whenever they could.

mTw's break came at 16 minutes with a 5-0 team fight on the back of buybacks by SingSing's Beastmaster and ComeWithMe's Leshrac, which ultimately proved futile. Quick Teleport responses made sure that the ganking lineup of mouz could not reach its full potential, with the top tier one tower being the only one down for mTw. It was 20 minutes, and mTw had a 10,000 gold and experience advantage.

Morphling had poor farm with only Yasha and Treads at 25 minutes, while Juggernaut had an entire Battlefury complete and was making his way towards a Manta Style with already a Drum of Endurance, Phase Boots and Yasha as well.

It was a matter of time before mTw decided to end the game, taking Roshan at 27 minutes and immediately going for top barracks at 29 minutes. With the huge gold and experience lead already established by mTw, the Radiant lineup took both top and middle barracks without much of a contest by mouz.

The latter forfeited their first game of the tournament at 30 minutes with a kill score of 22-7.

Game 2
Germany mouzEurope mTw
broodmother leshrac shadow demon

venomancer anti mage
natures prophet chen tidehunter

omniknight viper

mTw came in strong on their second game with an interesting pickup of Omniknight and Viper. Broodmother faked a net at top lane before heading bot, leading to a first blood on an unsuspecting Viper who was caught by surprise by mouz's trilane of Shadow Demon, Leshrac and Venomancer.

mTw knew that they had to be aggressive in the early game, with tower dives and Prophet teleporting in to top lane, pushing the kill score to 3-2 in mouz's favor at 3 minutes. SingSing's performance on the Leshrac held the game for Radiant, who always made sure he caught two or more heroes in his Split Earth.

It was soon evident that mTw were cornered on the map with their lanes constantly being pushed in by a lone Anti Mage or Broodmother. Tidehunter's Ravage on cooldown led to a huge 5-0 team wipe on the mTw side at 17 minutes, and mouz soon took Roshan and placed the Aegis on Leshrac minutes later.

Radiant did not hesitate to push into mid barracks, and after a 3-1 team fight in favor of mouz, they immediately took out melee barracks and shortly after, mTw forfeited game two on the back of a huge disadvantage.

Game 3
Europe mTwGermany mouz
leshrac enchantress lone druid

crystal maiden shadow shaman
shadow demon chen clinkz

brewmaster queen of pain

mTw started the game with Leshrac aggressively taking both tier 1 and tier 2 bot towers of mouz at 6 minutes - they continued this with the help of Enchantress and had all but tier 2 top tower on Dire down by 12 minutes. Mouz was facing 0 towers and a 4-1 kill advantage. mTw had an 8,000 gold advantage.

Despite not many kills going on in the mid game, mTw was slowly able to pick off heroes with a Blink Dagger on Synderen's Shadow Shaman. After a Radiance for Lone Druid came at 17 minutes, mTw was able to get the last outer tower on Mouz at 19 minutes after a 2-2 exchange.

Map control provided by their huge tower lead gave them an uncontested Aegis on Lone Druid before both teams decided to return to pressuring the lanes and getting items on their heroes.

A Smoke gank at 28 minutes caught mouz off guard just as they were pushing Radiant's top tier 1 tower and mTw managed to pick off Clinkz and Chen. With only Chen having the money for a buyback, mTw charged into mTw's top barracks.

A teamfight occured, and things went horrible for mouz - a 5-1 exchange in favor of mTw gave Lone Druid an ultra kill and the power of Lone Druid and Leshrac gave them both top and mid barracks by 30 minutes.

Not contented, mTw were eager to take the win heading straight to bot barracks. Despite a revived Clinkz, the pushing power of mTw's lineup could not stop the last barracks from falling and mouz called GG.

mTw are your first grand finalists.

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