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EG overcome aL, move on to face Na`Vi in DHS semi


EG are the last team to reach the semi finals of DreamHack Summer. The Americans defeated absolute Legends 2-0 and will go up against Na`Vi next.

Game 1
United States EGAustralia aL
dark seer riki enigma

invoker shadow demon
faceless void lich earthshaker

windrunner beastmaster

Going into the first game as Raidant, EG got off to a solid start, utilizing a lineup that attempts to force 5 versus 5 fights and wins them through the powerful magic of Enigma, Dark Seer and Invoker. Further, a Riki was chosen to silence and kill the squishy support heroes of aL, who relied on Beastmaster, Windrunner and Earthshaker to make their hard carry Faceless Void the strongest hero on the map.

After a very even laning phase, EG managed to win the first bigger fight 3:1, following a Black Hole on two heroes, backed up by additional nukes from Shadow Demon and Invoker.

Shatan's Beastmaster had gone for a risky Gem-purchase, to reveal Riki's presence and take out wards. A move that only worked out moderatley for aL, as EG didn't take long to get the jewel in their possession.

Despite doing slightly worse in fights, the Australians were able to withstand the first 15 minutes as four however and gave Faceless Void enough time to get a fast Battlefury up.

In the following mid game, both sides had no intention to engage in open fights, but were on the outlook for opportunities to outmaneouver each other, looking for a profitable fight around Roshan's pit.

After bLeek's Void had been killed for the first time after overextending his stay near the Radiant's top base entrance, EG tried to take their chances and go for their first push at the Dire's base, however had to retreat shortly later.

Not much happaned for another ten minutes, a period during which aL looked like they were able to take command of the game, as Faceless Void continued to farm item after item. Against this trend, it was EG who won the next big fight 4:1, following the feared combination of Black Hole and Wall of Replica.

Ever since then aL struggled to get back into the game. The average experience level on the EG heroes got up to almost unreachable heights, which let them endure the crucial downtime during Chronospheres better.

Even though the Dire's top and middle barracks had been destroyed the Australians had another golden moment around 55 minutes, when both Faceless Void and Earthshaker placed their ultimate spells perfectly and won a fight 4:0

After a pause caused by technical difficulties, EG had no problem finishing the game however and took the score up to 1:0 by baiting out Faceless Void's Chronosphere plus Black King Bar.

Game 2
Australia aLUnited States EG
enigma lycanthrope broodmother

windrunner shadow demon
natures prophet lone druid sandking

vengeful spirit beastmaster

Switching sides, EG entered the second set with confidence. Not only did Demon's solo Beastmaster have a great time on bottom, middle and top lane worked out nicely for the Americans as well.

Seemingly demoralized from the bitter loss in the long first game, aL simply did not have the morale to put up a fight worthy for a DreamHack quarter final. Except Shatan, whose Broodmother did well on top lane, nobody from aL had a good time during the first ten minutes.

Bulba's Sand King as well as Fear's Lone Druid finished their key items Blink Dagger and Radiance in no time. Under assistance of Maelks Prophet ganking turned evolved to an easy task for EG.

After countless ganks and pushing, the first barracks fell after 20 minutes with the ancient tree following shortly later. EG will now play Na`Vi for a slot in the grand final.

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