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mousesports against mTw: The TI2 revenge game


mTw against mouz. In the semi final of DreamHack Summer Vengeance Cup 2012. Just one week after The International qualifiers, mousesports has the chance for revenge against syndereN and his teammates.

To review the game from last week, read the summary of mousesports' and mTw's TI2 qualifier game from last week.

Both mTw and mousesports have a peaking performance here at DreamHack. The two ancient lineaged eSport organzation's sides went 3-0 in their respective group. Both teams won the quarter final 2-0 as mousesports kicked CLG out of the tournament and mTw sent Quantic home.

Now, the mindgames kick in. mTw against mousesports locked horns in a deciding match last week for qualifying to The International. The two faced in the grand final with 1437 and his teammates coming from the upper bracket, and syndereN with his colleagues fighting all the way through the lower bracket.

Offline advantage for mousesports?

mousesports has shown great performance this far, indicating that playing offline for the first time really helps this composition of players to reach maximum performance. At the same time, syndereN won with Wild Honey Badgets last winter, so he should know how to get his team on the right path.

Which carry is mTw going to allow for black? Is mousesports going to ban out Invoker, as mTw won both games last week with syndereN playing Invoker? Mousesports could just as well overreact. They are under pressure, they want to show that the loss at The International qualifier was just a one-time blunder against mTw.

The grand final getting nearer

Both teams are just one best of three from reaching the grand final at DreamHack. Maybe against Na'Vi, maybe against absolute Legends? These two are the favorites for the second semifinal. But first, at 12:00 CET, mTw and mousesports will clash in the first semifinal.

Who is your favorite? For comparison, here are the detailed picks and bans from the The International West qualifier:

TI 12 Qual - Game 1

Germany MOUZEurope mTw
lich enchantress lone druid
lycanthrope dark seer natures prophet
tinker anti mage
shadow demon death prophet
chen tidehunter leshrac
broodmother invoker enigma
shadow shaman windrunner
crystal maiden brewmaster

TI 12 Qual - Game 2

Europe mTwGermany MOUZ
dark seer lich broodmother
lycanthrope lone druid enchantress
crystal maiden venomancer
enigma night stalker
natures prophet invoker shadow demon
chen brewmaster clinkz
beastmaster tinker
vengeful spirit storm spirit

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