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DreamHack Corsair - Day 3 in words


The heat is on as we enter the playoffs bright and early in Jonkoping, Sweden for the final day of competition for DreamHack Summer Corsair Vengeance Cup. Four big names will feature in two exciting matchups right at the start as we find out who will join mouz and mTw in the semi-finals of the single elimination tournament.

DreamHack Corsair

Ukraine Na`VivsUkraine Darer09:00 CET

A familiar clash between two teams with high understanding of one another - ArtStyle plays his former teammates and although their head-on statistics look to be heavily in Na`Vi's favor, the offline setting may just be what Darer needed to pull off a surprise strategy against the juggernauts.

Na`Vi has not been truly tested while Darer suffered a group stage loss against mouz on day one and was not spotted on the battlefield since then. Then again, their early loss may be part of Darer's plan to lay low before they advance into a position where they are truly tested or forced to play for their survival. Nonetheless, Na`Vi still remain the favorites to advance.

DreamHack Corsair

Australia aLvsUnited States EG09:00 CET

While some of Absolute Legends' doubters feared for the worst when the team was flying across the globe to play at a 'no-delay' environment, the Australians have proven that they are definitely in it to win after emerging top of their group ahead of American team Quantic.

They are definitely discovering new things about their play, quipped player xMusiCa in an interview with us where he spoke about the team adapting to playing on LAN. EG, on the other hand, has already exposed their weakness to mTw's smart and convservative play in the group stages played last night. The matchup is an even one, and both teams will be looking to swing it in their favor in what looks to be a possible victory stretched to a third game.

Schedule Day 3 DHS 2012
Ukraine Na'Vivs.Ukraine DarerMon, 9 CET
Australia aLvs.United States EGMon, 9 CET
Semi final 1
Mon, 12 CET
Semi final 2
Mon, 15 CET
Final (game 1)
Mon, 19:30 CET
Final (game 2&3, main stage)
Mon, 21 CET

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