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DreamHack Vengeance Cup Day 2 recap


The second day of DreamHack flew by so fast! The first two quarter finals are already over. If you missed the coverage of the day, here are our Sunday highlights.

DreamHack Dota 2 Vengeance Cup has started earlier and earlier as they days went by. While Saturday's action started as late as 14:00, today's group stage kicked off at 12:00. C was the opening group and TobiWan was at first desperately searching for a co-caster, as syndereN was still absent. Just in time, syndereN replaced Black at the stage, who was a bit disappointed about not getting to cast. Although, it looks like Black will be getting his co-casting opportunity the following quarter finals tomorrow at 09:00.

No chance for BYOC teams in groups C and D
The games started with a really ballsy move by Cop Top, one of the Swedish underdog teams. A level-1-Roshan-kill against Na'Vi set the bar for today's games. The rest of the game was a true stomp, nevertheless. We met up with Konkelbäret from Cop Top who explained that they "wanted to make Dendi rage".

In the top game of group C, Na'Vi secured the first place on top of CLG. Puppey explained a bit about the reasons for winning in another interview, stating how "lanes made the difference". CLG's Miracle explained in contrast what the main difference with and without Loda in the team that they "now have a very good off-laner" in the shape of Lacoste.

In group D, DN-Gaming was quickly crowned as the most promising team to advance from the BYOC qualifier. However, they had no success versus top dogs EG and mTw. You can read a sum up of group C and group D to catch the detailed results.

Thanks to the players who didn't leave right after their games
Although some teams did not have a single game scheduled today, absolute Legends and team Darer for instance, it was nice to see that the players showed up at the venue. MuSiCa from absolute Legends stressed the massive boost for the Aussies given by playing on LAN, stating that "playing without lag is terrific".

Our next interview victim entered the group stage today. Korok and his side Quantic was one of the three non-European teams who flew all the way to Sweden. Luckily, all three passed the group stage. In the interview before the quarter final, Korok said how they "scrimmed with LGD from China and played on US West which was okay for them".

mousesports and mTw successful in the playoffs
The two quarter finals played out on Saturday found their winners in mousesports and mTw. CLG and Quantic are thus eliminated from the tournament. Read kurtcos' summary of mousesports' and CLG's quarter final to re-live the two games needed for Mouz to clinch the victory.

Kongotime did a similar report on mTw's and Quantic's performance.

mousesports and mTw will meet tomorrow in an exciting revenge match from the Western qualifier for The International 2012.

Apart from all the interviews done today we can present to you a huge load of photos in our GosuGamers flickr photo stream with all photos from Saturday. Just as yesterday, you can read the off-the-record information from the day gathered in the live blog by Raistlin, Kurtcos, KongoTime, Malnor and Trisnt. We will be back tomorrow morning with the other two quarter finals. Keep your eyes pinned to GosuGamers!

Schedule Day 3 DHS 2012
Ukraine Na'Vivs.Ukraine DarerMon, 9 CET
Australia aLvs.United States EGMon, 9 CET
Semi final 1
Mon, 12 CET
Semi final 2
Mon, 15 CET
Final (game 1)
Mon, 19:30 CET
Final (game 2&3, main stage)
Mon, 21 CET

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