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DHS: Quarter final cointoss has been made


The DreamHack admins have finally made the cointoss. After it was more or less clear, which team is first or second in each group, fate has decided that group A will be facing group C and group B faces group D.

To prevent intended losses in order to get a seemingly weaker enemy in the quarter final, the DreamHack Dota 2 Vengeance Cup admins did not decide if group A would play against group C teams or against group D teams for a long time.

Now the cointoss has decided that A plays against C and B against D, which results in the following quarter finals, with the second place of group D still undecided:

Quarter Finals
Germany mousesportsvs.Sweden CLGSun, 21 CET
Europe mTwvs.United States QuanticSun, 21 CET
Ukraine Na'Vivs.Ukraine DarerMon, 09 CET
Australia absolute Legendsvs.United States EG / Sweden DNMon, 09 CET

Two of the games will be placed this evening, two will be played tomorrow at 9 CET. We will update this news as soon as we know which games will be played today.

Source: DreamHack

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